Esa f2f this morning should I take pop award ?

I have my f2f at 11.30 and am gathering Info to take with me ...

Should I take my pip award notice which states what points were given for what ( as this backs up my esa claim )

Very stressed very worried and really can’t think straight .

I have a copy of my esa50
I have letter from carer
I have my extra notes
I have my covering letter
I have my medical report from doctor for the pii have letter from doctor which was used recently for the council to say about my career staying and that she helps me with meals medication and making sure I don’t self harm and that all my needs are met

All of which have been sent in with esa50 bar the recent doc letter about carer .

Sorry it’s short notice but with everything going on I’ve only just thought about it

Many thanks


  • I tried to reply to you earlier but it didn't work for some reason,hope it went well.
  • I’m back home and I’m in a right state X I got I to the waiting room and there were about 10 people in there . One group of about 4 young people who were altogether being loud and walking all around the place . I couldn’t cope .

    There was no one on reception so I hid around a corner . The said group came round looking at me one by one while trying to make out they were looking at reception .

    When someone eventually came on reception I asked if I could go into a room on my own , she could clearly see I was not handling the situation very well . She said there was quite a long wait and as I was last there would be lots of people coming through and she didn’t think I’d be able to cope so she has given me the first appointment at 9 o’clock Friday morning .
  • Thankyou toby2468 any advice would be approximated
  • Hi Daisy I am toby2468 I tried to sign in on my phone and forgot my password so signed in with facebook and Toby came up,can't remember that one must of made it after a little tipple lol.I only said earlier to take your pip award notice with you,it can't do any harm.

    That was a shambles this morning,it's terrible how they just don't care enough even to be organised,at least now you will be first on Friday.
  • I think it’s really bad that they are assessing someone on mental health grounds who clearly state that they can’t be around other people or crowded places due to anxiety and panic attacks etc and book them in at a time when they know they will be extremely busy .... do they not even read our forms ?? Or just don’t care enough ? The receptionist was lovely she said she knows how hard it would have been to come but thought I’d be better off coming again as a first apointment when it was quiet . Surely they should be putting all those down with social phobia and anxiety around others at either first or last apointment when the centre is least busy ?? I guess they just book apointment when ever without regard to the stress and ordeal it puts us under .

    The receptionist was lovely and could clearly see I wouldn’t have been able to wait in that environment . She got straight on the phone and said she wanted to reschedule and then said some letters like nw .

    Will this all be noted down that I attended ? Will it go against me like I was the one wanting it rescheduled ?

    Many thanks
  • I have also rang them this morning when I got home and requested the assessment to be recorded . She said they have noted it but to ring a number Thursday to confirm it will be . After all this I just want some extra protection
  • It should be fine as you said the receptionist was nice and she didn't need to do what she did,to be honest you with they even lie when it gets recorded and a lot people seem to have a problems getting it recorded better just to go and get it over and done with.

    I am on esa for social phobia first time I got a paperbased assessment second time I didn't put as much detail in my ESA50 and had to have a f2f the place was mobbed and she left me waiting for 2 hours I didn't think anything of it at the time but later on I thought did she do it on purpose to see if I had a meltdown,she basically told me on the way out she had failed me.
  • Are you waiting on an appeal then Sandra ? How long have you been waiting etc ? Do you still get paid ? I am so so stressed . Surly if we both have copies of the recording they can’t lie about it ?
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    It's because they are allowed to assume things and twist your words they still do it on their reports even though it is getting recorded because most of the time the decision maker goes with their report,they don't care if you appeal and win they have done their job by denying you.But remember not all assessors are bad you could get a nice one it just depends on your luck.

    I didn't need to appeal when the decision maker called to tell me 0 points I told him a few things he read my evidence and overturned the decision and kept me in support group,thank god he did phone or i would have been appealing,so there are some decent decision makers too.
  • That’s great news but I assume you were lucky that the decision maker called you as most just deny you and write don’t they ?

    I can’t only wait till Friday and keep my fingers crossed they give me someone nice . After today’s shenanigans I don’t think I can cope with much more
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