Conjunctivitis in young child

Dr said he can go to school but depends on school policy. He is 5 and has just started primary school. There is also the problem of instilling drops 4 times a day. Any advice pl. Thanks


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    Each school have different policies so give them a ring first thing in the morning or it maybe on school's website. If they do go in administer first drops at breakfast, you're going to have to go in about lunch time to do the second. Third can be done at home time and fourth at bedtime.
    My optician gently pulls my lower lid down and applies eye drops a few blinks and they are around my eyes. In my opinion if you lie a child down their instinct is to go into fight mode and they wriggle too much.
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    Not all conjunctivitis is contagious, presumably your child's isn't if the doctor has said he can go to school.

    As for drops, as above , pop in at lunctime.
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