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My daughter will turn 7 within a week of Xmas and this year for the first time ever she has asked for some new clothes as a present (think she was too young before and preferred toys etc). She is also in desperate need of some new clothing as had a growth spurt recently and outgrown most of what she has.

Anyway..... I asked what type of thing she wants and all she says is "nice stuff" which doesn't help me much! She definitely isn't a girly girl but neither is she a tomboy so I would love some ideas on what shops are best. In the past I've always winged it with George at Asda or similar as their stuff is ok but now she's taking more of an interest I'd like to look somewhere a bit better. I do like H&M but not sure where else to look. I haven't got a huge budget (£100) so need to watch the cost as want to spread the money as far as possible. Also I need to get as much of everything as I can (I.e. she needs jumpers, tops, bottoms etc - a bit of everything really!)

Any pointers or advice would be appreciated.


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    tbh i'd check out Primark it could be your best friend especially as I guess she will still be growing atm so will more than likely have another growth spurt shortly so you don't want to spend loads on stuff that may not fit her in 6 months
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    I agree with the previous poster. My girls (9 and very almost 7) love going to Primark. But I let them choose clothes (within reason). I say, we need jumpers and tshirts (or whatever) and then because pretty everything is of a similar price, it doesn't matter (again within reason) what they choose.

    This way I am happy they have enough jumpers (or whatever), and they are happy because they get to choose.
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    DS is so easy, but for dd I usually hunt around and do a mix of Primark, Asda, Sainsb. and Next (some items there are surprisingly comparable to Asda prices at Next)

    The last couple of times I've done clothes I've got a snazzy little 'set' from Next (e.g. including a little waistcoat/more fancy item she'll really like/ which can go with lots of things) and then go off to the cheaper Primark/Asda/Sainsb to get items to mix and match in with the colour other matching tops, little skirts, leggings or tights etc. to kit her out.

    Sains. still has great bits for girls...def. not for boys though. They hardly carry anything for them and that's always frustrated me. Like to go to Sainsb. when they have 25% off.

    I used to love Tesco for kids clothes, but they seem to be focusing on their adult ranges at the moment and I think the kid selection has been cut back a bit/lot.
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    I always love TKMaxx for kids clothes.
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    When my DD was around that age, I quite liked Matalan for tops/dresses etc. Slightly dearer but slightly better quality than Primark, I found (it is going back some years though).

    I agree with the comments about buy your basics in the cheaper stores, like leggings etc and then team them with a more expensive/branded top. I still do this with my DD who is 14, buying leggings, socks, PJs, plain t-shirts at places like Primark and saving my money for more expensive tops etc.
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    New Look have a 9 to 15 range.
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