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What's your best OS moneysaving tip?



  • Linda32
    Linda32 Posts: 4,385 Forumite
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    I bought some concentrated liquid for clothes washing. The bottle has lasted ages and its obviously because I'm only putting a cap full in rather than pouring in powder.

    When you buy fruit and veg and you tire up the top, use scissors to cut the bag open, rather than ripping it open, then use the bag for sandwich bags.

    Make a shopping list for things like birthday cards, paper etc so you remember when your in town, or where ever you buy you cheap cards from, rather than dashing to the corner shop at the last minute.
  • beemuzed
    beemuzed Posts: 2,188 Forumite
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    Don't know if it's been said already - apologies if so - but the best moneysaving tip has to be looking regularly on this site.
    Apart from that, I swear by the half dishwasher and washing powder trick, also menu-planning and having a shopping list I stick to.
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  • Chipps
    Chipps Posts: 1,550 Forumite
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    I know it's been said a few times already, but the thing that makes the most difference for me has got to be meal planning & getting organised.

    With meal plans, leftovers can be factored in - or deliberately used to save cooking times eg cooking double quantity of potatoes & mashing half for use in shepherds pie the following day etc.

    And being organised & knowing where things are & what I have in the cupboard means not wasting money buying things I already have (& more often than not forgetting to buy things I don't have)

    I think all the other little tips & hints then kind of follow on from having an organised mindset.

    I would like to say that I achieve this all the time but...........
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  • jazzyjustlaw
    jazzyjustlaw Posts: 1,378 Forumite
    Menu plan, eco balls, drying clothes on radiator and the rest in the dryer with dryer balls.
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  • kal25
    kal25 Posts: 569 Forumite
    Hi, mine would be
    stardrops- has been a god send, don't buy anything else to clean all of kitchen, living room, bathroom and laminate floors (have some made 1/2 stardrops 1/2 water in a squirty bottle)
    Microfibre cloths/mop-again used everywhere, used to cost me a fortune to get laminate floor wipes and find stuff that was easy to use and didn't rip or need changing 1/2 way through.
    The fact that if I run out of d/w tablets I can use bio washing powder and will do them just the same.:T

    Lil_me hadn't thought of using m/f cloths for that will give that a go too.
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  • I love the £ shop, microfibre clothes for cleaning, sounds daft but the 13p washign up liquid form Mr T i found to be a good all round cleaner (even in the bath etc), not using the tumble drier, keeping lights off and using candles is always ncie and cosy (and moneysaving), blankets to snuggle in instead of heating being on, growing own veg and fruit (yet to try this) using vouchers form this site for shopping, i tend to do a guide shop online with Mr T, double check i dont go over budget then actualyl go to the shop with my new devised shoppign list and actualyl shop in the shop (the delivery is liek £6 some days) id rather pay the £5 taxi fare home after ive walked into town to be honest! plus then i can browse the discount section too. Shop at markets for fruit and veg too adn wait till packing up and get veg and fruit discounted!
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  • My top ten tips:

    1) Do a storecupboard challenge once every 6 months or so to ensure you aren't slipping back into the habitual buying routine.
    2) Make HM rolls instead of bread - less waste.
    3) Batch cook/freeze and use SC as much as possible to keep down costs.
    4) Keep a storecupboard/fridge/freezer list - it helps you keep shopping down to a minimum.
    5) Use freebie shower gel samples in cream soap dispensers in the bathrooms.
    6) Lose weight to get back into last summer's wardrobe:D !
    7) Use an eco-ball for washing most clothes and use a tablet only when stuff is really dirty
    8) Start a compost heap
    9) Start a veg patch
    10) Keep a Christmas present list through the year and pick up bargains when you spot them (and cross that one off the list else you will forget what you have bought!)
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
  • newlywed
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    My best tips from on here are:-

    Menu plan
    Freeze the leftovers (shudder to think how much used to land in the bin)
    Bulk meat out with veg and lentils etc
    Buy a big bag if it's cheaper (eg onions - chop and freeze, carrots chop, part-cook and freeze etc).
    Go to Lidl/Aldi or try basic/value range
    working on clearing the clutterDo I want the stuff or the space?
  • Uniscots97
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    Don't be too proud to buy Tesco Value toilet paper........its just as good and much cheaper!!!! and if you're worried that the kids/OH will notice take the rolls out of the pack.
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  • mookybargirl
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    lil_me wrote: »
    Clutterfree - Will try the dishwasher tablet in half when we move, pressume I can't do it with powerball ones (got them free) do you use a knife or just by hand?

    Yes, use a knife to half them, works fine. Sometimes the ball comes away, so I use that half first. Half them whilst still in the wrapper too. My MIL got me a box a year ago when I moved house and I'm just getting near the end now. :rotfl:

    Most of mine have been said but haven't seen this one.
    Buy plain wrapping paper for all ocassions (ie no happy birthday writing etc.) Stick to one colour if you like as 'your signature' wrapping. You can glam things up with a bit of ribbon etc so they don't need to be just plain.
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