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What's your best OS moneysaving tip?



  • We put breadcrumbs in salmon and tuna and mix well in to make it go further. Makes no difference to the taste.
    Also I cut Brillo pads in half. They still do the job and last twice as long. Green scouring pads get the same treatment.
    Veg bought from the supermarket when it is reduced or buy get one free. Peeled choped and frozen has saved me pounds. A pound shop closing down reduced everything to 50p guess where I did my Christmas shopping. Thanks to all the ideas in your gift hamper section Ive made hampers for all the family. They look realy expencive and cost very little only time and a lot of effort. This is my first post so I hope Ive done it right Keep the brilliant ideas comming XXX
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    Instead of buying expensive handwash I buy the large litre bottles of bubble bath from Tesco's for 48p and decant them into the dispenser (plus a little water0 in the bathroom and downstairs toilet. I fill them up halfway then add about 10% water then fill them upto the brim (This helps it mix). The bottle of bubble bath last ages and everyone asks where I got the nice smelling handwash :D (Try the purple one or the white one they're lovely!)
    CC2 = £8687.86 ([STRIKE]£10000[/STRIKE] )CC1 = £0 ([STRIKE]£9983[/STRIKE] ); Reusing shopping bags savings =£5.80 vs spent £1.05.Wine is like opera. You can enjoy it even if you don't understand it and too much can give you a headache the next day J
  • I travel lots for work, and take all of the little free things from my room wherever I go-I now have a cupboard full of teabags and coffee sachets, sugar, hot chocolate, soap, shampoos and shower gels. When I have a 'shop from my cupboards' tough month, I have all my posh toiletries as a treat, which seems to stop me from going mad in Boots!
    I also lovel food shopping from my stores, as it means I actually use things up-the cupboard under the stairs looks like a cash and carry :rotfl: so it's good to make myself use things from time to time.
    Am now awaiting the arrival of my slow cooker-I am VERY excited!
  • My biggest tip is to stop buying 'stuff'. Its an addiction, a habit, its not good for you, its not good for the environment and it means you got to work more stressful hours to pay for it all.

    So the best way to save money is not to spend it!
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    My one main tip would be the menu planning and using a list when shopping one. This has saved me a fortune and stopped me buying loads of food we dont need. It also saves a lot of time when you are working full time to have your meals organised and saves you running out of things and having to pop into the supermarket and spending lots more than you planned to!
    Do what you love :happyhear
  • Energy saving light bulbs. Gone from being in debit to being in credit on Electricity bill in just 3 months! The same goes from turning off everything on standby at night.

    Wrapping paper - look for end of range wallpapers when they are reduced. Some which are vinyl covered can be a problem to use (too silky for sellotape) but others can be useful for kids presents or anything. I have a gold supply at the moment and its fab.

    Petcare - some items - ie non-prescription items - can be cheaper at vets other than your own. If you have to buy something regularly for your pet, this can be handy. Items which are prescription (such as flea treatments) usually fall outside this as you (ie your pet) has to be registered with them to purchase items like this.
    But don't ask, don't get. Give a buzz to a vet you don't currently use and price-check the non-prescription items.

    Hope these have been useful.
    :) Declutter 300 things in December challenge, 9/300. Clear the living room. Re-organize storage
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    Less things. Less stuff. More life.
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    Lots of great tips - perhaps a book sequel is due, Martin? :D

    Sorry if this obvious, but I've saved loads by bulk buying my bread at the supermarket shop once a week and freezing it - thereby avoiding the whole nipping- to- the- shop- for- some- bread- and-coming- out- with- a- 30- quid-basket- of-unnecessary- food scenario!.:j
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    My tip is to buy presents for xmas and birthdays all year round (we have a very large family). I never go near a shop without my list of who i need to buy pressys for.

    I tend to do birthday shopping during the beginning of the year sales and xmas shopping in the sales during the summer (but not always).

    I never buy anything unless i've checked if i can get it anywhere cheaper unless its obvious its a real bargin and i regularly check the tucked away bargin shelfs for pressys in tesco.
  • freezing cream, thai red curry sauce, wine, horseradish - all the things that only keep a few days in the fridge when opened in ice cube boxes - ideal for cooking. So I can add an ice cube of cream into my gravy or make a Thai Red Curry..

    I even use the wine out of guests glasses when they don't finish it... have this tip from Nigella Lawson's TV series...
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    miniloopie wrote: »
    Blimey, I disappear for a couple of days, come back and there are tonnes of fab OS hints and tips waiting...
    I'm definitely going for the HALF dishwasher/washing powder technique... I already meal plan and stock up in the freezer... and yesterday spent a happy morning sorting and labelling things in the storecupboard... now I need to find a good recipe to use up all the risotto rice I didnt know I had!
    Thanks everyone, keep em coming :j

    I have a recipe for 'Rapid Risotto'
    10 oz risotto rice
    1 litre boiling chicken stock - I use a cube

    Put rice and stock in a pan and simmer for 18-20 minutes, till rice cooked. Take from the heat.

    Stir in 2 egg yolks and diced cheese (optional) I didn't use egg yolks.

    The add whatever flavours you like/have. I used chopped fried bacon and onions. Also, boiled pumpkin and cooked frozen broad beans. It was lovely.
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