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What's your best OS moneysaving tip?



  • Olliebeak
    Olliebeak Posts: 3,167 Forumite
    Measuring soap powder out instead of just tipping it into the drawer - has absolutely amazed me about how much I was over-using - gonna get myself some soda crystals in this month's shopping to try them out.

    Freezing left-overs (before OH starts guzzling from the dish an hour later!).

    Would LOVE to start baking again - but my oven temp is not reliable so for the time being that one will be a no-no for me. (just as well - my figure couldn't stand the strain!).

    Menu planning and using my SC for stews and soups instead of buying the ASDA frozen ones for £1.50+++.

    Checking the weather forecast BEFORE doing laundry - that way you can dry outside and avoid using the TD unnecessarily. (Doesn't work if you've got a large family and do 2/3 wash loads daily).

    Trying to use up fruit and not throwing it out - even if you finish up with lots of stewed apples/apple sauce - mine is frozen in small batches for Christmas!

    Use fleecey blankets as throws to snuggle instead of turning up the C/H thermostat!

    Taken up knitting again - saving a fortune on baby items for expected DGD2.

    Drying duvet covers over the landing bannister - king-size one just about fits!!
  • iwanttosave_2
    iwanttosave_2 Posts: 34,292 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    A microfible cloth and a bit of water is all you need to clean nearly anything.
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  • rev229
    rev229 Posts: 1,045 Forumite
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    Menu planning then sending my husband to tesco with the shopping list which he sticks too religiously! (mind you it is printed from the online site with pictures):rolleyes: Otherwise he would not have a clue what to buy.
    Slow cooker making batches of stuff and freezing, no ready meals for years here. Shopping at a butchers with a friend (Who works with the butchers wife)and we have had some real bargins because we can both make a meal from anything! Going to waitrose early morning or just before closing for reduced bread usually 1/2 price. Making the sunday roast last for at least 3 dinners roast sunday mondays and one contaner of meat frozen for anther time. We bought a food slicer and it is fab for making joints go a very long way.(pain to clean). Growing my own veg over summer lettuce cucumbers sweetcorn and tomatos saved a fortune. Too many tips to mention thanks to this board. The thing is it is very addictive because the more you save the more you want to save! Every penny we save is chipping away at the mortgage.:j :j
  • Peartree
    Peartree Posts: 788 Forumite
    White vinegar. Washing Soda. Don't be without!
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 17,413 Forumite
    First Post I've been Money Tipped!
    My slow cooker for almost anything,great way to use up tired looking veggies, as it will make gallons of soup for next to nothing then I freeze surplus.

    Making a shopping list, and sticking to it by taking just enough cash to cover what you are buying.

    Use a throw over my legs, instead of turning on central heating.Still not used it yet this autumn.

    Turning off un-needed lights and always turning of T.V. ect overnight.

    Walking to shops if I haven't a big shop to get.Leave car at home.With petrol at almost a fiver a gallon it's well worth it.

    When buying something look at it, and figure could I do without it,and would I really use it if the answer is no then leave it unbought.

    Re-use & re-cycle almost everything that's possible.

    I have never owned a tumble dryer I have always dried on the line either outside or inside on the airer.
  • Fruball
    Fruball Posts: 5,739 Forumite
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    I think my favourite moneysaving tip would be to go halves on everything...

    ie - Use
    HALF your usual shampoo and conditioner
    HALF your usual amount washing powder/softener
    HALF bubble bath/shower gel
    HALF dishwasher tablet/powder

    Oh and I even use the tumble dryer for HALF the time as I line dry til half done then pop in the dryer as I like the softness you get from tumble drying - its my luxury for all those other money saving things I do :rotfl: (oh, with HALF a tumble dryer sheet ;))

    Wherever you can use half then do - you'll find that your hair/dishes/body/clothes will still be clean and you will be spending HALF of what you used to on them :D

    It works for me and I think DS and OH have finally got the message too ;)

    Also, spray 2 squirts of your favourite perfume in your wardrobe - all your clothes will smell lovely and you can use less perfume in the mornings ;) perhaps HALF :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • Just changing your mindset to not allowing who you are to be defined by what you buy. Having a big house, fancy cars, posh clothes and glamorous holidays does not make youany better or worse a person.Once I understood this it changed my life.
    earn what you can, save what you can, give what you can :hello:
  • morganb
    morganb Posts: 1,762 Forumite
    I've been Money Tipped!
    rev229 wrote: »
    Menu planning then sending my husband to tesco with the shopping list which he sticks too religiously! (mind you it is printed from the online site with pictures)
    Bless him!
    That's Numberwang!
  • gt568
    gt568 Posts: 2,495 Forumite
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    Menu planning would be mine! Thus only buying what I need.
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  • Clutterfree
    Clutterfree Posts: 3,678 Forumite
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    Breaking my dishwasher tablets in half.
    Using half per load has made NO difference to the results at all.
    :heart: Ageing is a privilege not everyone gets.
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