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Snagging issues in new build



  • ComicGeek wrote: »
    There are some items on the list that are legitimately covered by the 2 year warranty (i.e. fixings for basin, shower door, issues with windows) - but you need to separate the real issues from the unrealistic demands.

    But they are not, the warranty covers the fabric of the building, walls, roof, structure, services etc. The two year period is the period that the developer is responsible for these issues after that period the insurer is responsible for warranty issues.
    All of these issues should have been notified as they happened.
    The OP has mentioned settlement, that is why there is a stated snagging period, usually 6 months at which point all theses things should have been notified, there may even have been a retention in the contract to cover this. I would go back and check your contract and see what it said about snagging, as all of your issues are snagging and not warranty work, maybe with the exception of the windows.

    An extract from the buildmark policy
    Who to contact
    Contact the builder and tell them if you think they failed to meet the NHBC requirements when building your home or when preparing your land. You must do this as soon as you reasonably can. We recommend that you do this by email or letter and that you keep a detailed record of what you said, and who you wrote or spoke to and when.
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    I'm intrigued by the reference to the CDM regulations which, as far as I know, have absolutely nothing to do with the issue in hand here!
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    The 2 yr warranty would cover incorrectly installed basin and shower, provided that it's not an issue due to wear and tear or poor maintenance. Similarly with the windows. No definition of 'reasonably can', possible that it takes up to 2 yrs for these faults to become known.

    The rest of the list is not valid. The OP, or more importantly their surveyor, hasn't helped themselves by listing lots of non applicable issues. Just makes it too easy for the developer to reject it all.
  • NHBC obfuscates the issues by stating that things have to be to NHBC standards yet doesn't say what they are, whereas most other warranties states to building regulations, which makes it much clearer. if it's not something governed by BR then its between you and the developer and not covered by the warranty
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