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Ninja Savings Turtles ORGANISE OCTOBER

Several people have indicted that circumstances dictate the continuation of September's Super Scrimpers regime and the tough line instituted by Ninja Savings Kat in her challenges (see NSK).

Austerity October? Austerity with a twist because although the turtle way is difficult we always aim to have some fun along the way, provide the odd inspirational quote, offer help and advice, sympathise when things go wrong and celebrate our successes. Remember No Turtle Gets Left Behind.

Commit to the challenge, follow the rules to the best of your ability. The rules are all tools that will help you on your debt free journey, the more tools you utilise, the more you will save but if you are new, it can take a while to get up to speed with them all. Don't worry.
The Truth is out There
Question Everything
Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

Organise. Start as you mean to go on. Know the contents of your fridge, freezer and cupboards. Plan your meals around them. Cook from scratch. Don't buy anything you can make unless cost /time taken dictates otherwise. If you are new to turtle challenges or still have full cupboards you could try living from the cupboards.

Regular budget items should be set by 3rd October at the latest (extra time allowed because this is being posted later than usual). If you don't know how much you are spending on food or petrol, now is the time to find out. Question every purchase - need or want? Can you make a percentage cut to one of your budget items - 3% to 10% you decide. Most importantly, Pay To Your Debt Or savings First, Live off What Is Left.

Get Ready for Winter. Checklist in separate post. You decide how and when to implement it.


No Spend Days. Aim for 20 (high target) or 15 (low). You will not lose an NSD for petrol included in petrol budget, medical expenses (you don't choose when to be ill but stocking up would be cheaper), yellow sticker purchases only (no additional full price items). For regular activites where fees are paid weekly (children's clubs, window cleaner) you can set aside the money for the month on a spend day and avoid losing a spend day each week.

Special exemption for the turtle who's family drink milk by the bucketload. Any requests for special exemptions will be considered (some turtles manage their money in other ways)

IMPROVISE. Make do and mend with a creative twist. think of a substitute ingredient, how to make an old/broken piece of furniture last a little longer. Looking forward to reading your stories on this one (not if they invlove sending OH to work in your pants).

STOPTOBER Are you participating? Have you any bad habits to curb or a good one to implement or re-instate.

EXERCISE Four times a week at least (20 minutes minimum but can be done 10 minutes at a time). Get outside in daylight as often as possible.

ONE MORE TIME It is never too late for a second chance. Some of us set goals in January. last month thrifty asked us to look at where we wanted to be, why we weren't there and what was going wrong. Now you need to put in the small steps that will lead to your goal. If you have fallen off the path, start again - just because you can't do it all, doesn't mean you can't do any. New starters may like to set some goals for the next 3 months.

CHRISTMAS Sorry we do have to talk about it. If you love it and have been planning and saving all year, enjoy yourself.
But let us think about cutting back.
You still have time to have the 'no present pact' talk (token presents/ children only) or talk your work colleagues or other groups into only giving one card to the whole group with savings possibly going to charity.

You still have time to make presents but may need to buy materials (may be more time for edible gifts). Involve children in making gifts particularly for grand-parents and teachers. Encourage them to have a toy clear out and pass on any that are no longer wanted to younger family memebrs or charity (or sell to make a few pennies).

Finally Don't Be A Martyr For Christmas
If the works annual do is a chore (and an expensive one) opt out. Say you aren't going.
Some people have lovely families and love to gather together. Most of us have the odd awkward relative and some would try the patience of a saint. Don't let others take you for granted and don't feel obliged to welcome all and sundry.
If Christmas is a difficult time for you, take time out if you need it, treat yourself kindly .

THE Challenge will run from 00.00 on 1st October until 00.00 on 31st October.

ODD - This month's inspiration is going to be slightly off the wall. Looking forward to how many of you can follow where others boldly go

BANNED Takeaways, coffee shops, chippys, pie shops, vending machines, sandwich bars etc. exemption for turtls who budget for this from personal/ social spending or who have nowhere else to meet a friend. Dispensation for support for sick friends.

EXTRA INCOME Overtime, surveys, second jobs, craftsales at Christmas fairs (Bunny tales - and tails - always welcome).

REPORT in, daily if possible (I know some people have access problems). Sometimes people slink off if they have strayed but you will not feel better until you tell your fellow turtles about it. BE STRONGER THAN YOUR EXCUSES.
My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • mothernerd
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    Get Ready Checklist
    1 Health
    Illness is inevitable with the changing seasons. All kinds
    of bugs flourish. Stock up on generic medicines now
    (natural remedies if preferred). Buy supplements if you
    know you need them. Freeze some soup and easy meals for
    when you are too ill to bother. Honey? Cordial to take away
    the taste of the medicine?
    Do you or any member of your family need a flu jab

    2 Travel
    If children are walking or cycling to school, can they be seen.
    Do you need to put anything in your car (snow shovel, warm
    jacket, a torch)
    The clocks change at the end of the month and the following
    week has the highest incidence of road traffic accidents

    3 Home
    Put in place any measures to keep your home warm – curtain
    linings, draught excluders.
    Buy fuel if you need to and have not already done so.
    Buy salt for the path.

    4 Maintenance Issues
    Fix the drip over the front door (note to self- phone the roofer)
    Check your morning and evening route for safety
    Any timetable changes?
    Are your driveway and garden path clear of obstacles.
    Do you need more lighting

    Think about others. Do any elderly relatives or neighbours need
    a flu jab or help. Remember to check when the weather turns

    Sorry this is a bit messy, I took it out of the main post half way through and then added to it and brought it back here.

    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
    NST SEP No 1 No Debt No mortgage
  • mothernerd
    mothernerd Posts: 4,827 Forumite
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    Reserved for Contenders

    1 mothernerd
    2 misstara
    3 fmess
    4 thriftylass
    5 Shelbi
    6 sashanut
    7 Kerry Woman
    8 determined new ms
    9 Dawn W
    10 apple muncher
    11 bizzie
    12 Toni's friend
    13 Calling14
    14 Sazzle13
    15 greent
    16 f0xh0les
    17 Lauralozzle
    18 mummylewis
    19 Purplebonnie
    20 crazy-cat-lady
    21 sunaddict
    22 Jellybean88
    23 Tea&Kittens
    24 Dorastar
    25 Debtfreeduo
    26 FurryBeastOz
    27 redofromstart
    28 ilovetea
    29 clippy girl
    30 fruitloop04
    31 squirrelgirl
    32 Dottydaisy
    33 Eager Elephant
    34 Chasing Sunshine
    35 dizzy blnd
    36 Scrimps
    37 Baileys Babe
    38 laurenh1
    39 moneysavingfamilycomp
    40 DancingDragons
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
    NST SEP No 1 No Debt No mortgage
  • misstara
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    Yes please mothernerd, this is a fab challenge :D
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  • Fmess
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    Me please :) epic starting post!
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  • thriftylass
    I'm in. Thank you
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  • Shelbi
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    Hi guys,

    Great post can join this month too!

    DFD-01.03.2018:starmod: :beer::T
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    Emergency Fund- £1,000/£5,000
    House Deposit- £0/£25,000.
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    Make £5 per day- £128.48/£155
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    Can I join please? I don't have so much debt, but we have a big house stuffed to the rafters which needs to get cleared once and for all!! Luckily DH is on board & we plan to clear out - sell, chuck, donate for the whole of October. Have been following the Sept thread & look forward to joining in for October - need to be accountable!!
    New start JAN15 - NOT BUYING IT 2015 :eek:. Long haul DFW #145 : 2011 DEBTBUSTING : £5500 OD GONE, £2000 OD - GONE £93,610.30 cc & loan debt - GONE 27.6.14 FINALLY DEBT & MORTGAGE FREE :happyhear
  • Kerry_Woman
    Can I join again for October please?
    Frugal Living Challenge 2024 Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
  • determined_new_ms
    Hi please count me in mothernerd :) thanks for starting the challenge off :)
    DF as at 30/12/16
    Womblng 2020:
    NSD Jan 2/18 YTD: 2
  • DawnW
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    Can I join again please?
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