Argh! It's that time of year again

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  • At 2 I'd probably go for a balance bike

    I also agree with the experience thing, my 4 are all having their own day/evening out for their main present - which also means they get some alone time with one of their parents (the other parent will be looking after the other children) but they each have something little related to it to unwrap (so the 7 year old is going to monster trucks so will have a toy car, one going to Harry Potter world so has something harry potter related, the one going to a concert has a t shirt of the band

    Last year we went to Disney after Christmas but that was their main present and to unwrap they had things to wear etc
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    For the older one how about book tokens?
    Find out who you are and do that on purpose (thanks to Owain Wyn Jones quoting Dolly Parton)
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