Nurse planning return after maternity leave

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I am after some advice............ I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and work as a nurse term time. I have a review coming up with my employer and I have already raised a grievance against my trust and was about to raise another on discrimination in pregnancy my employers have managed to resolve the issue but I have already decided I have had enough and do not wish to return after maternity leave. I am going to join a new trust that's the plan anyhow and looking at my maternity policy if I take my full maternity leave and pay I have to return to THE trust for 12 weeks.

I wondered if I could use 4 weeks unpaid parental leave and then 2 week annual leave over the Christmas period and that way I would only have to return for 6 weeks? I also work 4 days per week 8-4. Prior to my grievance which was over unfair pay as I was underpaid than all the other nurses qualified the same length as me. My employer agreed to let me reduce to 2 days as I secured another NHS role. After I was successful with my grievance and secured a new role I was denied to option to reduce to 2 days told they could not accommodate under 3 days per week, I had planned to leave as I am so unhappy but then I found out I was expecting hence I am still with my employer.

In the meantime my manager is aware that I have purchased a house an hour away and will be leaving but I don't feel I can talk things through on how I can return for a short period and feel I need to know my rights and be one step ahead.

One of the nurses in the team advised after each maternity leave she was allowed to join the bank different trust and work when was convenient and not return for 12 weeks. Another nurse advised me for all the trust has put me through with the first grievance and then denying me the same progression as other employees in forms of training which is why I then proceeded to raise my second grievance with discrimination in pregnancy which the employer has resolved to go off sick upon return of maternity leave.

Look forward to reading the responses.


  • Jln

    I am a matron in the NHS.

    you can utilise a variety of these options. in essence it is down to the discretion of your line manager to what they agree to and how they use up your remaining AL and if they agree to any unpaid leave. They can say no to the unpaid leave.

    have you looked into just not going back ? or leaving and then paying back your extra maternity pay?

    the best thing is to go and talk to your manager
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    assuming you're on the national AfC contract you have to return to work for the same or another NHS Employer for at least 3 months. sorry, can't post links but if you google "NHS employers section 15" you'll find the details of the policy.

    Given the shortage of qualified nurses at the moment I doubt you'd have much trouble finding alternative work during or before your mat leave.
    If you're not already in a union suggest joining one and they will be able to advise and support you if there are any further problems in the future.
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