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Child maintenance service

Hi sorry if I'm in the wrong place, not very technical and has taken ages to start writing. Really need some advice please. I separated from my ex some 14 years ago and to keep the peace and because I am a wimp he decided how much to pay towards the children etc. For the last 5 years he has been paying £10 per week for each of our 2 boys . Went to CMS and they said that he needs to pay £21 per week in total. He has said he earns £186 per week but he is the director of a limited company so takes the bare minimum. He is married, no other children, has a Range Rover, 2 racing cars , 4 work vans , staff , a house he rents out in Ireland etc. Should I ask for a variation or go to tax man ? Don't want to be spiteful or punish him but feel he really is just laughing at the whole system
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