Squealing Oil Boiler

Hi there,

We put the heating on today as we have been away (in addition to heating the hot water) and after a few hours we noticed some squealing from our Grant Vortex Pro Oil Boiler (15/21 Utility). Our annual service is not due until November but I am thinking I need to get this checked, and perhaps get the service done a month or two early.

The squealing does not seem to be coming from the burner but more from the middle of the unit, but it is hard to pin down. The boiler was fitted in 2012 and has had an annual service since. There is plenty of oil in the tank.

Any idea what the issue may be?



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    In all probability it is from the water pump.
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    The burner unit probably has a fan in it which is causing the noise to be transmitted through the heat exchanger or flue although as Caredew says it could be the water pump or even an oild pump if it's got one.

    As you suggest it's probably best to get it serviced an bit earlier than normal
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    Not familiar with the Grant Vortex Pro, so ignorant as to it having a Water Circ. pump or fan.

    But what it will have is a powerful pump that atomises the oil, rather like scent spray, and blasts it into the burning chamber.
    The boiler is totally dependant on this working at 100% - Get the Service Engneer in a.s.a.p
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I had the engineer out to look at it. He replaced the nozzle and said the burner was running fine. The oil filter tank end was also clean. When trying to first recreate the problem he ran the burner and the squealing would not happen with the air supply tube unattached however when reattaching the squeal would start. Also the squeal won't start until the boiler has been run for a few minutes and it heats up. When he stopped the burner running the squealing would continue for a few seconds. So the noise appears to be coming from above the burner and not the burner itself. The Engineer said he didn't know what it was and said "not to worry" and it "won't do it any hard". Well I am not convinced by that. Any more ideas? Thanks
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