1st birthday party

Really struggling for what to do for our little ones first birthday. We did the Christening at home and found it very stressful and not that cheap.

My husband has large friends group who all have a couple of children that he wants to invite. He doesn't want to be responsible for doing any of the work as it was so stressful last time but I've looked at play centres and they are £14 per child! The children there will mainly be 0-3. Any ideas?!
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  • Savvy_Sue
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    Who are you doing this for? The one year old won't know / remember / care ...

    It might be worth working out WHY it was stressful last time. Too many people in a small space? Your expectations different to the reality?

    And if your DH doesn't want to be responsible for doing any of the work, what's his plan? Even in a play centre, even with an entertainer, these things can be stressful and someone's got to do SOME work!
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  • kingfisherblue
    I didn't bother with a first birthday party for any of my three children - and none of them remember that far back, so they aren't bothered by it. Instead, you could have a birthday tea with grandparents, perhaps eating out so that you don't have to do any extra work. If your husband complains, point out that looking after a little one is hard work anyway, without the extra pressure of putting on a party that your child won't remember, that you can't really afford, and that will cause you so much stress. You can always angle it that you'd prefer just close family as it is such a special occasion to you both, and you want your little one to be the centre of attention from immediate family.

    You could also suggest a 'friends meet up' in a soft play area a couple of weeks after the birthday, where everyone pays their own way.

    A first birthday party is really just for adults and for older children, as the birthday boy or girl won't understand.
  • ViolaLass
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    Husband wants = husband organises.
  • FreddieFrugal
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    Agree with above - we're not planning a party per se. We'll either have grandparents round, or go out for a picnic somewhere that our son likes. Have a birthday cake and some presents.

    But nothing big or expensive. There's no point. He'll be much happier just doing something small where he's getting proper attention from us.
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    Save the money for when bubs is older and actually remembers the party. Not worth the stress at that age. good luck whatever you decide!
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    a 1-year old won't understand or remember anything about it being their birthday, so any party at this stage is for you and your husband.

    Ask him what he wants, and discuss what either of you are prepared to pay and/or do.

    Also, think about what you find stressful. If you / he just want to hang out with that group, way not organise a BBQ or something, don't call it a birthday party.

    Or just invite your child's grandparents round.

    If your husband wants a proper 'party' then ask him what *his* plans are and what *he* will be doing to organise and run it.

    Similarly, if you want a party, decide hat you are willing to do, or can do without getting too stressed, and organise something that works for you, which might mean inviting fewer people.

    With children aged 1-3 you don't really need much in the way of entertainment or organised 'fun' - they are too young for it.

    A picnic in a park which has swings etc would be enough - you could provide trays of sandwiches, cake and drinks, all of which you can buy ready made if you don't want to cook.

    But I think step one is to talk to your husband about what you each want to get out f it, and what each of you is willing to do to make it happen.
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  • Kynthia
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    You could all go to a soft play and just pay for the childrens' entrance fee rather than having an organised party with the party room.

    If you're inviting a lot of children it could be cheaper to hire a cheap hall, perhaps at a church or football club, and hire a soft play to be delivered there. You'd need to organise food though, perhaps sandwich platters from the supermarket or a local bakery.

    Unfortunately if you want less work you usually have to pay for it. Sometimes you'll do all the work and find you didn't save money anyway and wish you'd paid for an organised party.
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  • CorrieCooper
    There's lots of stuff to do after all its the first birthday party. I Really agree with Husband wants = husband organises hahaha.
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