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    Morning froggies! another dull and damp day here today and neither of us slept well last night in fact He Who Knows woke himself up with vivid dream and migrated to the spare room and made tea poor lad. True to form he's out walking Cookie AND it's started to rain, Mmmmmmm

    Not much planned for the day so I'll clear the little jobs and then go into the store room and do some more sorting and discarding, I WILL clear it, I WILL!!

    DD1 is taking the Zebra child to the theatre tomorrow morning so is currently Zebraproofing the house as he's staying with her overnight, he so loved the Christmas production aimed at 3 to 5 year olds, this one is The Gruffaloe which is one of his favourite books so he'll love it and then they will 'lunch' and go home on the train tomorrow afternoon, fab!

    Have yourselves a nice day and enjoy this cooler weather xxx.
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    Polly - please know that any posters mentioning the GREEN stuff will doomed forever to pale grey ink in their posts ;)
    Hester we're already halfway through our school hols up here, yer very late!
    And if the elephant is in the biscuit tin then I'd like to know what's in my freezer..
    Got 2 plumbers wandering around in my loft trying to understand our heating system. Still no hot water since Sunday but managing fine with kettles in the sink.
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    His twin brother Eric.....fooled you!!!
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    Well Ernie tasted very nice.
    Plumbers now on phone to somebody as they don't understand our system and don't know what to do. I think this might be a long day....
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    Morning all,

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    I am wondering where the storms went! We've not had anything other than a sprinkling over here. Thankfully the temperature has gone down though and I'm not slowly dying off, think it's bearable today.

    Not much happening apart from work, hoping to start tidying my kitchen when I get home and getting rid of unused items. I'd really like to get rid of the fitted kitchen which doesn't help me in any way and just put in a chest of draws and a dresser instead with some shelving. Something like this would be lovely! Think I need to start slowly though, so take the doors of my kitchen cupboards first and get used to that. Has anyone else not got a fitted kitchen????
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    Quick question fencers - the sewing thread keeps going wide on the screen (other threads OK) Can I resolve or who do I report to????
    Small victories - sometimes they are all you can hope for but sometimes they are all you need - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle
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    Poor old 'ZIPPYCHICK' who is the 'thread fairy' as far as fixing things goes but better than that can tell the appropriate board guide and hopefully get them to fix it.....never let us down yet!
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    silvasava What a nuisance! I find that tends to happen when someone's posted a picture, even if it's not a big picture, but I can't remember anyone posting one on there lately.

    Petula Don't worry if you find it hard to get time to post, just enjoy reading when you can :)

    MMF007 How nice to find you joining us! I enjoy your posts on the MK thread, where I tend to read but not post very often as OH never wants to part with anything, though he did sort out some tops he doesn't want any more and some of those went into a charity bag the other day :T I'm sorry you have the worry over your parents x

    One definite advantage to a non-fitted kitchen is that you can take it with you when you move! They do look nice. Do what will work for you. :)I have a couple of kitchen cupboards with no doors (long story) and have thought of trying to screen them with gingham curtains, but decided the curtains would get in the way too much when i'm trying to reach things on the shelves.

    pollyanna Before I forget, my soft and soothed cheeks would like to thank you for recommending that gel :A The face cream which seemed to be causing the problem went into the bin!

    I'm having my hair cut this afternoon; thank goodness, as I feel such a scruff atm. I always had greasy hair but now as I've grown older it's dry and flyaway and I don't really know how to deal with it. Conditioner helps, but I can't always bend over the bath for long enough to condition as well as wash. I have to be very careful what shampoo I use or I get dermatitis on my scalp. Ironically it's sebhorreic (sp) dermatitis, so I evidently have a greasy scalp and dry hair, which sounds mad (fits in just fine here then :D)
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    Welcome and commiserations to all the newcomers to this earnest and erudite thread. we don't start being rude to you until we have gathered enough ammunition so you will be OK for a bit.

    Good news Mar! I notice that you can now buy K*l* pills. Saves you having to eat the nasty green stuff. Doesn't that make you feel joyful?
    Trust you to have an incomprehensible hot water system. Hope someone can do something about it without too much disruption.

    Lyn, I bet Zebra will LOVE seeing the Gruffalo. I've never met a child yet who didn't adore that book.

    I've just had a call from the EA to say that the people who are interested in my house have received an offer on theirs so fingers crossed. I know there's many a slip twixt cup and lip but that's the most encouraging news so far.

    Just in case they want to have another look, I'd better go and do a bit more clearing up.
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    Who lift us to our feet when our wings
    Have trouble remembering how to fly.
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    May the prospective buyers be in an excitable bubble hoping that there's no more interest in their new perfect forever home. Good news for sure monna. :D

    Drat. I'm now blaming you for burning the stale teacakes that are toasting. No one will know if they're toasted... and no one will know if they're burnt in the bin!

    Hah, scraping time :D
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