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Back to castle96's original forum post...

Anyone (UK) got one. Does it work ? Is this all snake oil. Reception ?
Most importantly, is it tied up with your computer in some way ? Ie, do you 'stream'. Their bumpf talks about receiving "signals from the tower", but surely, the signals from my nearest tower are all the BBC/ITV 'type'. No Sky type channels (pick any one), come from a tower......
Any comments please.
I use a kodi, I use mobdro, but still retain Sky as it is instant/dependable/easy, ie no fiddling around/waiting for downloads, pick a streaming source, programme not the same as in the paper.


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    As it is designed for US TV transmission then I doubt it works in he UK. All the advertising is aimed at the American market. I cant find anything about UK use.

    Even if it did it would only pick up freeview channels.
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    right... I was reading reviews from Reading saying it was great ! Maybe Reading USA
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    It's snake oil... This 'antenna' aka aerial is just the same as any of the amplified room aerials by SLX and One for All and others. It'll only work in strong signal areas where a bit of wire poked in the aerial socket would work nearly as well.

    It is - of course - only suitable for terrestrial broadcasts, not satellite.

    The website changes currency and flag based on where the interrogating IP address is sited - so UK IPs get the union jack and £s.
  • TVFox are being sold on Amazon in the UK and seem to have good reviews written
    about this product but only reception are DVB. Amazon link:
  • I fell into the trap of buying one does not work not even using a signal buster. Requested and got my money back
  • cyberslayer
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    Yeh, I fell for it! totally useless. They Require you to email and request an RMA number[EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] given as address. as anticipated unable to send! Total con!
    Just interested at how you managed to return? Regards Tony.
  • I am now sure I have been scammed! I ordered an Antenna + Lifetime guarantee and received it within 2 days. Totally useless, would not store freeview channels. Certainly no chance of picking up satellite channels. I was sent an amplifier and charged £74.30 on my PayPal a/c. I was offered a refund if I send it back to The Netherlands. Return address is a Post Box number which Hermes will not deliver to. I am now escalating with PayPal.
  • The people behind so-called "TVFox" are paying Google a fortune to place deceptive advertising on sites like eBay UK. I was just checking back through my Purchase History and the ad was prominently displayed at the top of the page. The ad says UK buyers can now benefit from a limited-time discount offer.

    Complaints about this seemingly American outfit -- it may well not be that at all -- are widespread in the USA. This so-called "miraculous" device didn't even rate a mention in a recent Tom's Hardware HDTV antenna review. Complaints seem to indicate it is no better, or perhaps even worse, than a bent wire coathanger. Complainants apparently include customers who were sent, and their credit cards billed for, several antennas and boosters, even though only one antenna was ever ordered.

    The business's European operation may consist of nothing more than a room rented in a warehouse in the Netherlands.

    "TVFox" -- which has nothing to do with Humax other than the fact that the name could only have been chosen to confuse, is selling into the UK but is not VAT registered. It is offering a returns service but takes care not to provide an actual location. In view of the amount of money Google is pocketing from it, its existence as a business will last only as long as there's enough money coming in from enough victims to finance that advertising on eBay worldwide sites and elsewhere.

    An unregistered business that is making unsupportable claims via misleading online advertising, with a track record of taking money for goods not ordered but not returnable, and no address other than a rented PO Box is not legitimate. Anyone who has had dealings with TVFox and is concerned that they may have been scammed should file a report with Action Fraud.
  • This site is a rip off as these very same indoor aerials can be had from Chinese sites ( aliexpress ) for anything fro £6 to £10 with free posting. There is no mention of picking up signals that the broadcaster doesn't want you to know about, only the Americans would dream up that one, as that signal as of now and the foreseeable future will always be there to carry the digital broadcasts that require a Freeview box or a Freeview TV in the UK or equivalent elsewhere in the world.
    All those reviews are probably self generated.
  • An advert for TVFOX appeared on my screen as I was attempting to sign in on Yahoo.
    Forever chasing the holy grail, I clicked on the link.
    Greatly enthused by their promotion, I came to moneysavingexpert for some unbiased reviews.
    Instantly deflated, I then read other reviews via Google.
    Apparently not only is it a scam but it has been renamed several times once it has been named and shamed too often and takings reflected the negative reviews.
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