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Ulster Bank: Easy Access Savings Account at 1.25% pa

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    RG2015RG2015 Forumite
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    expansion wrote: »
    This has been the worst account opening process I have had in my life. Not exaggerating.
    Day 1 (Sunday) - Applied online and after spending 10 minutes completing the forms got told that the system was unavailable but later found out that they had performed a hard search on my credit file.
    Day 2 (Monday) - applied again and was accepted although they performed a second hard search.
    Day 3 - Had online access and was able to see the £1 I had deposited.
    Day 4 - Activated mobile app and moved £1 out of the account.
    Day 8 - Applied for card that I assumed would have been sent out automatically.
    Day 39 - Received email advising that they were cancelling my card (which I had not received) as some people had reported problems with it not working.
    Day 47 - Received two cards one of which actually worked which meant I was fully operative.

    I also received three emails and three texts requesting that I send ID documents so they could open the account that had already been opened. I ignored these.

    Overall it has shown UB to be unbelievably inefficient, incompetent and non-communicative. However, this thread has enabled me to be prepared for each hurdle. My life motto is to always be one step ahead of the all of the excrement life throws my way so I have probably achieved that particular goal.
  • mt99mt99 Forumite
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    For others reading this thread you might want to look at Shawbrook instant access account - excellent service all along the way.
  • newleasenewlease Forumite
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    Epic thread, reminds me of the III fail some years ago. Avoiding this one.
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    vernallvernall Forumite
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    I am having problems with Shawbrook.

    Went to log on earlier to check I had the right account number before I transferred some more money into it and I can't.Was fine on Friday though.

    I am using the correct customer number and know I am putting the correct password in and it just says that customer number is currently inactive.I also go along the route of resetting password and know I am entering the correct characters for the questions they ask and it just says it is also says after 3 incorrect attempts it will lock access but it has not,it just keeps asking the same characters and I inputted them 5 times on the trot just to prove it.

    Guess I have to wait until their office opens tomorrow morning at 9am (no weekend hours)
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    JenfcJenfc Forumite
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    Jenfc wrote: »
    I opened this account at the beginning of August. It has been the most horrendous experience with everything possible going wrong. The system opened a second account 2 weeks after the first. I was told it had been closed nearly a month ago - but now see that isn't the case. I have been unable to log in and see my details or do anything in the account for over 4 weeks. I have been given different explanations. When at last I was told to reregister for anytime banking and that this would resolve the issue, I waited over 2 weeks for an activation code. When I queried this I was told I hadn't reregistered even though I had received a text thanking me for reregistering when I did this. I was told to go through the process again. When finally I received this I managed to log in and see my account details, I finally was able to try to activate my card reader - but the option on line wasn't working. Having queried this, I was told I needed to order the reader on line. I explained I already had a card reader and a card, but I hadn't yet been able to activate it because of the problem accessing my account on line. I was told I needed re-order the card reader, but that I should then be able to use the original one in 2 days. I will try again in 2 days, but am not optimistic. I have raised 3 complaints and have been told someone will ring me within 2 working days. The first time was on the 29th August, the second on the 5th September. I have heard nothing and then last week when I asked again for them to check a complaint had been raised they said there was no record of this, even though they could see the on-line chat I'd had and that I'd been told it had been raised. So they took details a 3rd time, and guarenteed I would be called that afternoon. I'm still waiting 3 days later. I had initial problems with the digidocs system. I had a text thanking me for changing my address - which panicked me because I hadn't asked for this and wondered if it was a sign of identity fraud. When I rang I was told this was a common problem and that the system was randomly sending out these texts for no reason. I have this month received a bank statement for the second account and not the one with my money. This also panicked me because the statement said I have £0 in the account - instead of several thousand pounds. All I want now is to take all my money out and close the account. I have wanted to do this since the end of August but am still waiting. I have read lots of similar complaints onTrustPilot. I cannot believe that I bank can be allowed to continue to offer an account they obviously can't service. I suspect they can't cope with demand - a previous top interest account that I was going to open was withdrawn before I got to it, because of the level of demand. Ulster bank should be forced to do the same. This shouldn't be a recommended account or there should be stronger warnings. I have spent hours over the last 2 months trying to sort this and am despairing. JUST DON'T OPEN an account with Ulster Bank. If you do open it, make sure you have a card reader that is activated along with a card and the pin before transferring money in. Or you might find you can never get at your money!
    An update - the card reader was enabled - but the card and pin I had been sent in August did not work. When I queried this, they said it was because I had not been sent a card and pin. I sat looking at my card, pin number and card reader in my hand and wondered if I had started to hallucinate. They told me that there was no record of me having been sent a card, a pin or a card reader so I couldn't possibly have it. When I insisted that I did they looked into it further and said there was nothing linked to me account, nothing had been sent out to, but that they did have a record that I'd been sent a wrong pin number. Finally when I said I just wanted to get my money back as soon as possible, I was told that they had now made it possible for customers to do this at any RBS or Nat West branch. So I dutifully travelled into town to do this. The RBS looked at me blankly - checked with colleagues, tried to find any option on line, and told me that no, it was not an option. They sent me to the Nat West, where a very helpful and sympathetic bank manager told me that there was no arrangement with the Ulster Bank to do this. He went and double checked, but he advised me to contact the ombudsman.

    I am pleased to report however that I have since received a second card reader, pin and card, and they all worked this time round. I was able to transfer all the money back out of the Ulster bank after 7 weeks of battling Ulster Banks misinformation, poor systems, and appalling customer care. Going to put together a long letter of complaint- needless to say i still haven't had a phone call back from the complaints department after lodging 3 separate complaints via phone calls and on line chat.
  • SouthLondonUserSouthLondonUser Forumite
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    A quick summary of my experience.
    On July 31st I applied for a CharterCourt ISA and for an Ulster saving account. My ChaterCourt account was up and running in 2 days. It is now Sept 18th and I still do not have access to the ***** Ulster account!

    It is now October 6th and still no access. 2 months and a week to have access to a bloody account? It is beyond ridiculous.
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    Yorkshire_PudYorkshire_Pud Forumite
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    Opened account 23 September, I was drip fed all the necessary bits and pieces up to the PIN yesterday to use with the card reader and card and can now use the account, transfer out etc.

    So for me it has taken just under three weeks.

    Not bad compared to some and everything worked but what a clunking process :cool:
  • MarksfishMarksfish Forumite
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    After my initial reservations, my account has been working fine. I have also opened a new account yesterday that was operational today.
  • janusdesignjanusdesign Forumite
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    perhaps i'm missing something, but can you still apply for the account online or has it been disabled??

    if I go to, step 3 asks if it's a sole or joint account... but there's no way to give a choice... viewing the source code, I can see there should be radio buttons - but they aren't visible (in Firefox, Edge or Chrome).

    though having read this thread, I probably won't bother to open one and i'll keep the money where it is.
  • chelschels Forumite
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    perhaps i'm missing something, but can you still apply for the account online or has it been disabled??

    if I go to, step 3 asks if it's a sole or joint account... but there's no way to give a choice... viewing the source code, I can see there should be radio buttons - but they aren't visible (in Firefox, Edge or Chrome).

    though having read this thread, I probably won't bother to open one and i'll keep the money where it is.

    Just had a look, the options are visible to me and I was able to proceed (using Chrome).
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