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Be very wary.

Climate Glazing
AMC build

Fine design sussex

This character has re-appeared as Adrian and uses the name Mark King also, aswell as any other name he can hide behind on his e-mails.

Currently living Crawley Down.

Working Horley, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex anywhere he can get work.

A google search of 'Greg Hames', Nuglas or Lulworth Conservatories will tell you all you need to know about this man. He has history.

Names used:
Adrian McElwee
Greg Hames
Mark King

Scamming people and leaving constructions half finished, and to a very poor standard.
I am taking reports weekly of customers he has abandoned.

Makes false claims that his wife has a brain tumour or a relative has died to customers and tradesmen to perform his vanishing act.

People also complaining of damp with jobs he has completed, and when he is asked to put these issues right the customer is threatened with visits from undesireables. Despite promising warranties no after service is provided.

Stay clear of AMCBUILD , Sheerlight Design or Fine Design Sussex or Nuglas. They are all alias' that he hides behind but never registers as limited companies.

Please note this does not refer to AMC Build Ltd a company based in Eynsham, Oxfordshire, and actually registered with companies house, unlike Hames who is acting as Adrian McElwee of AMC BUILD Horley.


  • We hope nobody else gets stung by him so sharing information
  • I wish I'd found this in April. You can add me to his list of victims. I have an unfinished conservatory and after complete silence following requests for more money (which I refused to pay until the work was completed), I threatened legal action. In return, I have received other threats - a visit from 'Big Steve Hardman'
    He used the name Mark King with me.
    I believe his 'partner' goes by the name of Steve Conboy. Be very wary of any company that lists any of Greg Hames, Steve Conboy, or Astrid Mcelwee (Hames' partner, apparently).
  • I too have been caught out by this individual. He's had a number of different Conservatory building companies over the years and all seem to last no more than a year. I reported him to Trading Standards, but here he is still in business and conning the general public. When he conned me he used the name Mark King, it was an expensive lesson. You really do have to check out building companies thoroughly and ensure they do have a proper contactable address. Hames uses business addresses, which never lead to where he lives. The fact that year on year he still pops up shows that Fraud Action and Trading Standards just don't work.

    I think as a collective we should all share our information on him and try and get him to court.
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    It may be worth starting a Facebook page
    It goes without saying, the more Time you invest posting his company names on
    The web the harder he will find it to find work
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    I had thought about using Facebook, but when you've been conned you feel a bit of a fool and not keen on everyone knowing about your business. He himself is on there, but no photo of him and Mcelwee also makes sure that he never appears on her posts.....but they do seem to enjoy holidays and all on our hard earned money that he has conned out of us.

    I believe he lives around the Whyteleaf and Oxted area, or certainly not far from there.
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    We have Hames address if anyone needs it for legal purposes. Please PM us. As much as a rat as he is we dont want to publish it in public view. We are being made aware of more victims on a weekly basis.
  • I would also add that reporting this to the police so they have a list of victims is important. Especially if he has made any threats to you.
  • Just to add more to this story, it looks like Greg Hames had another spin off business of Nuglas Conservatories called Nuglas Southern Ltd Some interesting reviews from some so called satisfied customer.....check out two of the names. A certain Mrs Mcelwee and a Greg Fine.

    To view the the praise you'll need to Google Nuglas Southern Ltd as I'm not allowed to post links. The reviews are on a website called All Checked.
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