Multiple credit cards, stooze pots and credit limits

Hi All,

I just thought I would share my recent bout of applying for multiple credit cards in one weekend for stoozing/offset mortgage.

I will share my cards, limits and situation so others can see what they could look to possibly obtain if they have similar circumstances and for reference.

Please also share your cards, limits, situation so we can all compare and see if any patterns emerge!

Credit cards BEFORE applying for multiple: (nil balances on all as I had recently completed on the above mortgage)

Card and limits:

Barclaycard - 13,000

MBNA – 6,000

BA Amex – 12,000

Tesco clubcard CC – 13,000

AFTER (additional cards obtained to the above) All on 0% BT deals – using MBNA card as the mule card for money transfers:

TSB – 9,500

Amex preferred gold card (charge card)

Barclaycard platinum – 4,000

Lloyds bank – 3,000

Bank of Scotland – 3,000

Halifax – 3,500

Tesco clubcard CC (2nd) – 3,500

HSBC BT card – 5,500

M&S BT card – 2,000

REJECTED for – Virgin BT card, MBNA BT card (offered a deal not worth it so didn’t apply), Sainsbury’s, Santander, AA.

I couldn’t see any other cards out there worth applying for!

Situation before applying:

Experian Credit score – Excellent (999)

Income: £60k – no dependents - £500pm mortgage.

Any insights, advice, similar stories do let me know J


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