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    Well done on the mortgage overpayments! Glad to hear babypink is doing better.

    Best of luck on the house selling. I bought mine in 2020 and the idea of doing it all over again and dealing with a buyer has me almost in cold sweats!
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    Glad you are all doing well Pink and covid free. Good luck with the house move. You can’t beat location, (location, location! 😆) every time I would pay more for less in a good area. 

    I think moving home is like having kids, once the memory of the pain fades you decide to try again 😆

    Fingers crossed for a babypink2 who will probably come along when you least expect it 🤗
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    It's not snobby, just your personal experience. I wouldn't rule out moving a little further out as there may be more suitable properties for your overall plans. You also don't want to remain in the same school catchment as the ones you're moving away from. Lower price means freeing up money to cover commute charges.

    Maybe the move will reduce stress levels and the time would be right for PB2.
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    Hello again all! Long time, no "see". Hope you're all doing well.

    We moved into our new home in August, and BabyPink is loving having a garden to play in with DaddyPink  <3 She's also trying to befriend all the local cats, who seem to be remarkably tolerant of a toddler charging towards them at full speed yelling "stroke stroke stroke"!!

    House move was as stressful as people generally recognise it to be, and we still have lots of boxes to unpack, but this place definitely feels right and "home" more so than our previous house ever did.

    I've just updated the Mortgage Free Wannabe 2022 thread with my August and September payments and I'm fairly sure I'm not going to hit my target for the year thanks to the more-than-doubled mortgage payments we now have. But any overpayment is better than nowt! It was also painful to have to sign up to a new variable rate electricity/gas tariff when we were less than a year into a 3 year fix at our previous house....! It feels like we're constantly raiding our savings at the moment to fix things in the new house, but they are necessary and also one off expenses. I'd just be a lot more comfortable once we get back into the position of having more coming in than going out each month, even by a smidge! Though I was feeling rather very smug when we had a torrential downpour 2 days after the roofer came out to sort the leaky roof :smiley:

    BabyPink2 is showing no signs of making an appearance anytime soon. I actually had a miscarriage in June, and have been referred for further testing thanks to my age and the length of time we've been trying. I've got an appointment next week with my GP to discuss the blood and semen test results and the next steps forwards. Though I can see my bloods on my NHS app, and they are all within the quoted normal ranges. I'm telling myself that's a good thing, but it's always nice for it to be an easy fix!

    A promotion came up at work recently, and I applied for it despite not being 100% sure if I wanted it or not. I've struggled with my mental health in the past and finally feel like I'm getting stable(ish). I was concerned that this job, with the huge amount of managerial responsibility it would bring, would impact that. It was given to another colleague. And I was very relieved! I'm glad I applied, as it made me realise that there are elements of the role I would enjoy but the person who got the role is already drowning in emails and meetings! Plus, I work in the NHS and the way the pay scale works means that from my next pay progression in Feb next year, I'll be on almost the same amount of take home pay anyway, but without any of the extra responsibility! It does mean that in 5 years time, my colleague will get a payrise that I won't, but right now that pay differential is just not worth it for the sake of my family and mental health. 

    EDITED TO ADD: I also got rather cross with the bank representative that set up our mortgage who, despite me repeatedly saying I wanted to take out the longest possible mortgage term to give us maximum flexibility (as the bank representative had let us do on our previous house with the same bank), set our mortgage to be the minimum term they would lend instead as "it's a good thing as it means you'll be mortgage free sooner, and only an extra £150 a month". I couldn't get him to undo it, as it had already run the various credit history checks.... I'm over it now, and he is right that it's probably the best move for most people who don't make overpayments, but he could CLEARLY see from my previous mortgage statement that I was making regular and significant overpayments... I would just have preferred the flexibility of knowing I *could* drop that optional overpayment if I really needed to.
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    Oh Pinky i am so sorry about the struggles and wishing you all the v best with your family. Huge congratulations on the new house and Baby Pink enjoying the garden and the kitties. The mortgage set up sounds like a nightmare I cant believe they didnt listen to your request! 

    I am hoping you are well and glad you are not too stressed at work. Our workplace is public sector and i just dont know how NHS staff cope with it all. 
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