Praise for Boilerjuice or its contractors

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Not sure whether this is praise for Boilerjuice or the companies it contracts with but for the last few deliveries I have asked for standard delivery and they always come faster than the date they give. Today they have surpassed themselves. Order placed yesterday and the tanker is here now! Tate Oil, Star Oil, Carlton. Well done all of you - and BJ!

Doesn't seem any point in paying for faster service when it's this good! 37.10 plus VAT for 500l. North Staffordshire.



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    The speed of delivery is not a reflection of the efficiency of either BJ or their suppliers.

    It is purely down to whether
    a) the suppliers are busy, or sitting waiting for orders (eg because they are over-priced...) and
    b) they have other orders being fulfilled locally so slot you in on the same run

    This will apply whether you order via BJ, a local oil cooperative, or direct.

    I still use the BJ website for a quick check of what prices are doing, but not once in the last 10 years have I found them the cheapest option.
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    Possibly so in others' experience but I was pointing out that there's no point in paying for the other options that BJ offers for faster delivery when the standard one, which they give as about 2 weeks, comes within a day or two, possibly even faster than the more expensive 'emergency' option.

    I used to spend a morning ringing round the various local etc suppliers, then ringing them all back with the different prices to see if they could undercut (sometimes did, sometimes not) which was just a pain for a point of a penny a litre less though the supplier that many locals use is usually a lot more expensive, 5p a l or more. Trading on loyalty. The phone bill and my time came to more. On one occasion I found that a supplier used by BJ was more expensive direct than via BJ and admitted themselves they couldn't compete even though eventually the delivery was actually by them in the end. Odd situation as I'd rather go direct.

    I asked the delivery driver this week where else was on his route, he had a huge area to cover, most of the north Midlands/north west on that day. No others within about 15 miles of me so despite the fuel bill for the tanker it must still have been worth while to deliver my 500 litres!

    Oil purchasing never works in the consumers favour I reckon and I wish I didn't have to use it.
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