MSE News: Vodafone to increase out-of-contract prices by up to £3.50/month

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Vodafone customers outside of the minimum terms of their contract from June will be slapped with a £42/year price hike...
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'Vodafone to increase out-of-contract prices by up to £3.50/mth - beat the hike'
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    Why is it that Vodafone (amongst others) can get away with increasing their charges by so much - whereas Three only increase theirs by Cost Of Living increases (less than 2% pa) ?
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    Voda have Ofcom in their pocket, just like BT (allegedly) do?
    Always ask yourself one question: What would Gibbs do?

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    Guess what happens in mid June? EU roaming for "no extra cost"... Voda moved first on their contracts and it has to be paid for by someone, it won't be their shareholders.

    Three claim that SIM only contracts won't increase annually, but they can change their T&Cs, or as happened with their famous One Plan, cancel the contract.

    Networks typically have to give 30 days notice on contract changes, so the next 2 weeks will be interesting (15th June, EU roaming charges scrapped).
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