Cancellation or delay?

Aegean Airlines cancelled our flight with no notice when their plane turned back due to bad weather? They provided another flight the next day after about a 20 hour delay (hotel provided)
So to persue compensation is this a delay or a cancellation?


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    General rule is if you are given a new flight number it is a cancellation. If you have the same flight number then a delay however Aegean will claim weather caused the delay so you will need to look into this in more detail seeing if other airlines landed at arrival airport etc.

    Without route/date/time definitive answers are not possible but before pursuing a claim read Vauban's Guide.
  • Does anyone know where I can get the weather conditions for the Greek Airport on Ikaria on the day our flight was cancelled due to bad weather? The plane took off from Athens but couldn't land due to very windy conditions! Is it also possible to find out if any planes landed that day?
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