Dividabill old debt- Southern Water chasing student

Hi all, my daughter is being chased by debt collectors re an old debt to Southern Water for a previous property she rented with 5 other students. They had been using 'Dividabill' to pay the utility bills but then Dividabill went into liquidation and it seems some of the bills were not paid. She says she knows there was some outstanding owed to Southern Water when they left just about the time that Dividabill went bust, but she is being asked to pay the whole amount of £310 when the most she would owe would be a sixth of that. The other students are not getting these letters. She is going to scan/forward all relevant docs but in the mean time I have confirmed with her that the debt collector letter has not given her a deadline or threatened court action. She has contacted Huru who took over the Dividabill business but they don't want to know.


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    We have this situation, of outstanding utility bills for students in shared accommodation, come up frequently.

    Unfortunately the 'jointly and severally liable' condition will apply and your daughter has drawn the short straw!


    Southern Water will not get involved in third person disputes and the dreadful Debt Collection Agencies only want money. There is no point in trying to reason with them.

    Her best bet is to try and get the other students to contribute and simply pay up.
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    Oh dear. I was hoping it would be different when going through someone like Dividabill, i thought that was the point.
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    Dividabill pay the bills on students behalf, however unlike Split The Bills and other similar firms, they have the bills in the student(s) name(s), leaving them still liable in the event of non-payment as they (the students) are the named bill payer, not the company. Sounds like this is what has happened to your daughter. Dividabill continue to operate as HURU. As Cardew says, unfortunately, the Water Company can't get involved with a third party dispute.,
  • kaffenback
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    Update: 4 of the 5 other students helped out with clearing the bill, 5th student still owes my daughter who covered his share to get the debt paid, but she is hopeful to shame him into paying up eventually.
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