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Sharps v Hammonds Furniture

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cosmicbabecosmicbabe Forumite
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I am looking to get some nice wardrobes. Has anyone used Shapes-bedrooms or Hammonds as they deliver then fit the wardrobes/bedroom furniture in (first they send round a designer). Now are they good quality? Any advise would be great? They don't quote prices - anyone have costings of what theres came to ect... Or shall we stick to old Ikea and 'build it yourself'?

Many thanks!!;) Claire


  • We found that Sharpes were cheaper then Hammonds.
    It was just after Christmas last year when all the deals were on.
    The wardrobe we wanted was 3.3m long IIRC with a basic inside, I think sharpes were £2000ish, hammonds £2500ish.
    In the end because all we wanted was a basic inside to them we just had sharpes fit the front and we fitted the insides. (£80 from b&q)
    This brought the price down to £1400ish.
    The quality is great and now we have just had an extension built we may have them again for the new bedroom.
    We did consider MFI but they were more expensive! and their fitting service is basically a plinth fitted above a standard size wardrobe. It doesn't look as half as nice as a properly fitted wardrobe.
  • Hi,

    After we moved into our house last year we got Sharpes in for a quote. They wanted £4500 for a fitted wardrobe & 2 chests of drawers. This was in their 50% sale:eek: This was much more than we could afford and were put off having it done for a few months.
    Deanes wardrobes were recommended to us and we had the wardrobe done for about £1400. These are a local company to Portsmouth. But I'm not sure how big of an area they cover.

    They were really good and we are really pleased with the wardrobe.
  • Like BennyB says, you're better off looking on the internet for a DIY option. Spaceslide are a good option - £1000s cheaper than Sharpes!:j
  • ormusormus Forumite
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    sharpes are known as the double glazing salesmen of the fitted furniture world.
    copied this from the web. ive heard similar stories.
    re Sharpes Bedrooms. more like sharks bedrooms......

    I did not go through with this company quote and a lot to do with it was the attitude of the company, in stark contrast to the only other review on this website which I would like to suggest is a fake. I was quoted £9000 for one wardrobe, with 'special offer' this week only of £3000. I was told if I did not sign and agree to it, the offer would be gone the next week. That was blatantly untrue as it transpired. I was told I was unable to have jewellery drawers or lingerie drawers. This was laziness by the rep. who visited me at home as the draft drawings he left me specifically had tick boxes if the client wanted them. I then went to the nearest store in Kingston to see the doors I wanted and was told that there was none to view. I was told the reason for this was that they were brand new, also untrue as I found a magzine dated 2006 that featured them. Use them and get ripped off. I got a builder in instead and bought doors online. What was going to be £7000 for two wardrobes if I had gone to Sharps, I got for £3000 the lot.
    Get some gorm.
  • rev229rev229 Forumite
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    We had a quote fro sharps a few years ago fo 2 double wardrobes and some shelving for the basic white option 4500:eek: :eek: :eek: and that was the sale price! We then about a year later had a quote from a local company 1400 and that was for any colour any handle etc They came measures up made the units and 3 weeks later job done in about 3 hours no mess just really good quality furniture:j :j :j :j. In fact I think they are much better than sharps. Why not try a local company or carpenter it will be much cheaper.
  • Had designers from Hammonds, Sharps and Strachan round.
    Didn't really like any of their sales tactics. I found the Strachan man too pushy, the Sharps one a bit clueless and the Hammonds one had rubbish drawings.
    Went to all of their showrooms too.
    The salesmens samples all looked about the same quality but when I went to see the finished product in their showrooms I found Sharps to be disappointing, Hammonds a bit better but Strachan felt special.
    Price came out to be Sharps least expensive, then Hammonds and then Strachan.
    Quality was lowest with Sharps, then Hammonds, then highest with Strachan.
    Value was probably Hammonds in third, Sharps in second and Strachan tops.I worked out that Strachan give a 10 year guarantee and the others just 5 but were probably 30% more expensive.
    I dismissed Hammonds first as they didn't offer much more quality than Sharps but were quite a lot more money. I couldn't afford Strachan and was a bit miffed with the salesman's mannerso dismissed them. I couldn't really justify Sharps over Ikea!
    SO still stuck with Ikea until I can afford it!
  • I've had a couple of built-ins done over the years. Had one in our old house built by Sharps and while it looked great in the brochure and the salesman was very slick and persuasive, the quality was a bit lacking over time. I think the bigger companies don't really talk about what materials they use because they actually use the same stuff that Ikea use (particle board). In our new flat we went with a small local company ( and we are pretty happy. They used medite mdf which is apparently the best quality if you want painted mdf wardrobes. With the big companies you are probably paying for the substantial marketing.
  • 27col27col Forumite
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    We had a run of Sharps Wardrobes fitted some years ago. We have no complaint with either the quality or the fitting. As to price, well that is generally a matter for the purchaser. You either accept the price or you don't. We went to the showroom and we knew what we wanted, so it was not a question of "pushy" salespeople. It was simply a question of accepting or refusing the quote given, for the specification that we required.
    I can afford anything that I want.
    Just so long as I don't want much.
  • I booked an appointment with Sharps, the gave me the date and the time however their company representative never turned up for the booked appointment, nor they called me to say the reason for not turning up.
    I sat at empty house for four hours waiting for them, after four hours I decided to call the company ask them why no one turned up or why nobody called me to say they won't be coming....
    The lady on the phone told me that the designer will call me asap to explain the reason for not turning up.
    Four days later, still no phone call from Sharps!!
    Perhaps Sharps are too big to fulfil their promises and can't provide the service they undertake.
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