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Storecupboard Essentials



  • Horasio
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    I like to have a supply of nuts too

    Almonds - flaked and whole
    Hazelnuts - chopped
    Cashews - excellent in stir frys
    Sesame seeds
    Pumpkin seeds
    Poppy seeds
    Sunflower seeds
    Pine nuts
    Couscous - makes a very quick snack or side dish
    Dried Rice

    Good for putting in bakes, or sprinkling on top of bakes or cakes. Also great for HM muesli
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  • I'm really sorry to post this, and I have tried to search but can't find it, honest :o

    I'm sure I remember reading a post a week or two back where someone listed a comprehensive storecupboard inventory but I can't remember who posted it. I'm hoping to tackle my pantry this afternoon and would love to use this list as a basis for my inventory if anyone knows where it is please.

    Many thanks :)
  • thriftlady wrote:

    I remember that thread thriftlady was a great help to me when I was doing my storecupboard sort out and inventory:T
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  • Thank you very much, yes I think it was that thread :T although I can't understand why it didn't show up when I searched for it :confused:
  • immoral_angeluk
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    Ok, so I'm new to this board and to be honest am in awe if everyone who can come up with great meals with little effort. After yesterday's toad in the hole adventure I have been awakened to the possibilities of being able to cook something different just from a few basic ingredients that I would've never thought to use in cooking before like eggs, milk and flour. My cooking skills are limited, in fact i wouldn't even call them skills! More like I know how to stick something on a baking tray and put it in the oven!
    My question is are there any 'essentials' when it comes to food that I should have to help me grab this cooking malarky firmly by the horns and try new things? I have potatoes, pasta, cheese, eggs, chili powder and parsley and that's literally how limited my 'fresh' ingredients are! The rest of it is all sauces and mixes etc. I DID have flour which I used yesterday for my toad in the hole extravaganza... but only afterwards did I realise the BBE was october 06, so that was swiftly thrown out for fear of possible womble infestation.. or is it weeble? Or weevil? Some kind of creepy crawly anyway that I don't fancy nesting the the stomach of my 2 yr old (wouldn't be bothered about my husband being infested by wombles... might teach him a lesson for rarely cooking and making me do everything.. HA!).

    ANYWAY, I've rambled on enough. If anyone could help me out so I can go shopping and embrace the wonder that is cooking from scratch I'd very much appreciate it. :)
    Ta muchly!
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  • jackie_w
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    Hi there,

    I always always have in tins of chopped tomatoes (I buy 4 tins for £1 in asda), tomato puree, garlic, pasta & onions, tuna, flour & cheese, cooked ham & potatoes.

    Can I just say a good book I got about cooking was called "The Dinner Lady". I got it from Ebay for about £4.
    I started to use that a couple of years ago, and now its my bible. However, Im now coming to the point where Im getting fed up with cooking the things in there as its become a bit repetitive, so, Im looking for new ideas.

  • ooh for me it would tins of tomatoes.

    I would start with your pasta sauces. You can make a great pasta sauce using onion and garlic, cooked in a little olive oil, then add a tin of tomatoes, some herbs, some white wine vinegar (if you ahve any) and a pinch of sugar. Leave to simmer for about 15 mins (on a low heat) and you have a great tomato sauce! Yuo can eat it as it is, or add meat ie mince, veg what ever you fancy for a bolognese sauce.

    This can be the basis for so many other meals too - add some kidney beans, chilli powder (or fresh chilli) and a pinch of good cocoa powder and you have a chilli.

    I just couldn't manage without my tins of toms!
  • bunty109
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    Definitely tinned tomatoes as you can use them in chillis and with pasta dishes (not just spag bol!)

    Stock cubes are good to have too: Oxo is great for shepherd's pie and I use vegetable stock cubes a fair bit in other things.

    If you want to do some baking I would recommend eggs, butter (I use value and it's fine), plain flour and baking powder - muffins are dead easy and children love them. Things like crumble topping can be rustled up really easily and cheaply with some flour, marg and sugar.
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  • immoral_angeluk
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    I have tinned tomatoes:D
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