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Storecupboard Essentials



  • janb5
    janb5 Posts: 2,619 Forumite
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    What about borrowing a few books that you like the look of from the library or even from your friends. Ask your friends which books they wouldnt be without as a general cookbook. Maybe have a look in charity shops for some to inspire you - I personally like Delia Smith`s complete cookery course.

    You could build up some recipes gradually from magazines and build up you own personal repertoire. Maybe you feel nervous initially but honestly it will taste a million times better than anything in jars.

    Good luck

  • newlywed
    newlywed Posts: 8,255 Forumite
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    I like the good food books. I've got the Good Food 101 one pot meals and the 101 cheap eats.

    One recipe a page and each recipe broken into 3 simple steps. Nice an easy - just the way I like instructions! :D
    working on clearing the clutterDo I want the stuff or the space?
  • meerkatgirl
    meerkatgirl Posts: 140 Forumite
    The book Grub on a Grant is also very good - the recipes are meant for students so they're easy to make as well as cheap
  • Fivenations
    Fivenations Posts: 382 Forumite
    I am never without...

    Pasta - lots of it, being Italian. I could eat pasta for two weeks and never have the same one twice!
    Rice - Long grain, Basmati and Risotto
    Flour - all kinds
    Stock cubes
    Tinned toms/PAssata
    Italian Tuna in Olive oil - expensive but bursting with flavour
    Parmesan cheese - makes a meal out of 50p of pasta so it's OS to me!
    Extra Virgin Olive oil - as above!
    Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Carrots. Celery
    Soy sauce and sesame oil
    Tins of pulses - plus frozen home cooked
    Mince in the freezer
    Dried herbs and spices - Oregano, cumin, coriander, paprika, chilli, turmeric, cardamom, garam Masala, mustard seeds, peppercorns.
    Red wine vinegar
    Baking powder
    Vanilla Essence
    Castor sugar
    NSD 0/15
  • Ken68
    Ken68 Posts: 6,825 Forumite
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    Caviar and onions.
  • A great thread, really useful. I'm in month 2 food budgeting OS. February we only went over by about £40 (that included a take away tut tut) so was pretty pleased with that but March has been awful. We have managed to spend a hideous amount but it's definitely a learning curve and the 5 week month has thrown me (poor excuse really)! April will be the winning month hopefully!

    Can only repeat other threads - tinned tomatoes, flour (SR, P and bread), yeast, value butter, milk, cheese, tinned tuna, italian seasoning, peppers, onions, mushrooms potatoes, pasta, oil, garlic, baking powder, bicarb of soda, squash, rice, mince, eggs, mayo, stock cubes, tin spaghetti are always in our cupboard/fridge/freezer.
  • angchris
    angchris Posts: 1,179 Forumite
    my basic store cupboard ingredients are:-
    red pepper
    tuna in brine
    corned beef
    baked beans
    frozen reduced to clear items ;)
    boxes and boxes of walls ice cream bought in bulk direct from mr walls staff shop :money:
    bulk washing up liq on offer 1/2 price (enough to last me 2 years or so :o )
    bottle of stardrops - this cleans just about everything in your house
    huge industrial size boxes of washing powder (mr walls staff shop..enough to last me till 2030 :rotfl:)
    flour sr/plain
    baking powder
    oxo cubes
    icing sugar
    gravy granules
    dried pasta/spagetti
    i always make sure i have these items in my house as they are the basics to any meal and you will always be able to rustle up something quick if you have nothing else available :j
    proper prior planning prevents p!$$ poor performance! :p
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  • Gingham_Ribbon
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    Your store cupboard will grow as you get the ingredients for the new dishes you learn to cook.

    DON'T be tempted to buy it all at once based on what the rest of us have in our store cupboards. And DON'T be tempted to cook from scratch at every meal straight away. That's the sure way to crash and burn.

    Take it a week at a time. My advice would be to learn one new dish a week. It doesn't sound like much but someone gave me that advice when I first joined the site. In a year you'll have 52 different things you can cook - and a store cupboard stocked for any eventuality.
    May all your dots fall silently to the ground.
  • DawnW
    DawnW Posts: 7,440 Forumite
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    What would you use stock cubes for then? Have never used them but heard bits about them... I always just use gravy in cottage pies etc?

    Sorry just realised how completely rubbish I sound... I'm 21 for gods sake and should be able to cook by now! Argh!

    I don't think I could cook when I was 21 - if i could remember that far back:)
  • lil_me
    lil_me Posts: 13,186 Forumite
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    GR is right, if you just buy what others do you'll end up with more stuff going out of date. Choose a recipe you want to try and buy what you need to go with it, whats left when comes to herbs etc will eventually build up a store cupboard of usable ingredients. One recipe a week, now that sounds like a great idea.

    Slow cooker I only bought since using this board, never looked back, I make a massive tomato and mince sauce, basically bolognese sauce, then pot it up, adding chilli for mexican dishes and adding to pasta, lasagne etc. Makes cooking much easier.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
    GC: £200
    Slinkies target 2018 - another 70lb off (half way to what the NHS says) so far 25lb
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