I cannot be the only one who has access problems to this site.

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I have problems logging in to this site from 3 access points.

  • Home - OK not surprising, I own an old computer, old OS, and Old Browser and 70% of the whole internet is problematic for me, but never the less I can just about get in to MSE forum on this machine after about 10 - 20 attempts to log-in, and I set my site preferences to oldstyle forum , so as long as I do not delete my cookies, once logged in I can access it again and again no problem. If I delete my cookies I have to go through the 10 - 20 log in attempts to get back in. I use old version of Firefox from home.
  • My Workplace, My workplace uses a modern OS, ( I don't know which one exactly maybe Win 7. I cannot access this forum from work at all on explorer, If I switch to Firefox, I can but with same difficulty as from "home".
  • University Library, Using a Windows 10 PC, on explorer browser I cannot access this forum at all. Mozilla Firefox not available.

Why is it so difficult to get into this forum? And
Why don't you fix the problem?
This only started to be a problem when you changed the format of the forum from green to blue. You have had enough time to fix it.


  • OK Wig, let me see. I had trouble at one time. You should make Google Chrome your web browser.
    It is the fastest and the best. When you log off, go into your computer settings, and make Google Chrome your default browser. Get rid of Internet explorer, and Firefox, they are causing your problem, as they were with me.
    Any more problems, just ask me.
    Tips x
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    Look at the words of the subject of your thread and tell me you don't have a problem with basic English? Is that perhaps the real problem?

    I cannot the only one who has access problems to this site.
  • It might be worth asking on the techie board?
  • LadyDeeLadyDee Forumite
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    If it's only since the introduction of the (horrible) new format that's giving you problems, you can revert to the old one although I cannot remember how I did it. Someone will be able to tell you. I use Opera and in the old format it's fine.
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    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping to get some feedback from MSE admin.

    Clearly this forum does not work with the explorer browser even the most up to date versions of explorer. That, to me, would be a HUGE failing if I were in charge of an internet forum. You would think that would be at least 50% of all internet users unable to log in and use the forum.

    Yes, on an an individual level, from your home, you can use a different browser, if you have one and are savvy enough to know to do it. But this is not an acceptible answer to the problem, because they (MSE) are still going to lose out on 50% or more of all internet users.

    It just beggars belief ...is all.

    Surely all that is required is to adjust the login process on the blue skin that this forum defaults to... i.e. have a username and password boxes on the front page and not have them only on a pop up screen... there lies the problem.

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    Wig wrote: »
    I was hoping to get some feedback from MSE admin.
    Seriously, if you have a question which you require someone from the site to answer, why don't you just send them an E-Mail?

    I have never encountered any problems accessing the forum.
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    Wig wrote: »
    Clearly this forum does not work with the explorer browser even the most up to date versions of explorer.

    I would suggest you have a problem with your computer I have never had a problem using this forum with IE and if 50% or more of users have a problem why is that you are the only one complaining?
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    Hi Wig

    It sounds like deleting cookies is affecting how you use the forum.

    Here's our Cookies Q&A
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    WigWig Forumite
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    As usual with my posts, giving too much irrelevant & not enough relevant information has confused the issue.

    I'll simplify this to only the most relevant bits.

    The facts as I see them:
    • This forum defaults to the blue skin for all new users coming to the site.
    • To log in on the blue skin, you have to click that red log in button
    • A new window/pop-up opens with Username and Password fields
    • Working through the above process becomes a problem on my workplace computer using a recent version of Explorer, as soon as you press the red button.
    • It also becomes a problem as soon as you press the red button on a University Library computer using Windows 10 and probably the most up to date version of Explorer that exists.
    • What happens on both occasions is that the new window does not work, either the username and password fields do not appear or if they do, you cannot put your cursor into the boxes to type anything

    This is nothing to do with me or my home computer.
    This is a problem that exists when acessing with Explorer through the "blue-skin-default forum page" from what are expected to be very modern machines/servers.

    I can't see it being a problem with cookies, since:
    A) The problem seems to be technical, the browser being unable to process the advanced HTML or Java or whatever it is that causes that new window to open.
    B) The cookies (the important ones) presumably don't exist until you have actually entered your username and password and logged in.
    C) No other sites or forums are affected in the same way on the same computers.

    I was not expecting to get a reply from Admin, but now that I have, I will endeavor to try to access the forum again from those machines, using Explorer. In order to get a better description of what happens and to get details of the OS and Explorer versions being used.

    I will return to this thread with this information. in a few days.

    I will also add that the solution seems simple to me...
    Instead of the red button on the blue skin, why not just have the Username & Password fields appear directly at the top of the forum page on the blue skin... No need for pop up windows that don't work. An example of which appears here:
  • soolinsoolin Forumite, Board Guide
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    I'm not techie so might answering the wrong question, but, I can log in on the latest version of Windows 10 on a brand new PC easily. The moment I log out it reverts to the blue skin and the red button log in, it doesn't go back to my preferred green skin until after I log in.
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