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HELP garden design

I have drawn a picture of my garden.. its a new build

Its just grass at the minute

Its south facing.

Can you help me design it please. I need some decking somewhere but, a lot of plants and some grass.


  • DaftyDuckDaftyDuck Forumite
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    A photo would help. What's the aspect? You say south-facing, but which bit is south facing.... left, or top of diagram? What's soil and drainage, and what are the walls, boundaries? Any views, privacy issues, and what do you want to use the garden for? Are you (I guess you are) after a low-maintenance garden, or do you want to get creative and involved?
  • The bottom is the house... so the sun comes from the top.

    the garden is surrounded by fences

    there are a couple of windows that face onto the garden so need some trees

    I want to be creative and get involved... but don't really know where to start

    quite fancy some internal garden walls maybe rendered and painted and loads of flower beds
  • dimensions? budget? how handy are you? how much ongoing work/maintenance are you prepared to do?
  • Teapot55Teapot55 Forumite
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    We have only a small garden but wouldn't be without the raspberry canes & the asparagus.

    We also have a small compost bin where all the dead foliage from the above plants go in the autumn. The 'lawn' is so tiny that the grass clippings can go in there as well.

    Most else is in pots, including, lately, tomato plants grown from seed & donated by a family member. Being in pots they can be moved back into our ramshackle lean-to wooden conservatory if frost threatens while they are still fruiting.

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  • DaftyDuckDaftyDuck Forumite
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    Without more clear info it's difficult to advise. Some general advice for small gardens then. Plant the walls up with climbers. Use a wide variety, and try to get some winter interest, using variegated forms. Don't restrict yourself to regulation, small beds around the fences, as things won't grow well, the garden will feel smaller, and you'll end up with a boring lack of dimensionality. Make some of the edge beds wider, with curved edges. Avoid having a large green lawn at the heart; it will spoil the effect. However, lawns need cutting, so make sure you keep things as simple as you can for the mower.

    Difficult to advise on plants in particular, as size matters so. I'm guessing it's not a couple of acres, but if it's only 30 feet across, you are limited for trees....

    If you do go for trees, fruit trees can be elegant as well as productive. Read up on rootstocks, as it's this that determines tree size.
  • andrewf75andrewf75 Forumite
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    Yep, more info required
  • really I am not after what specific plants to put in the garden... I can come up with that

    but, really after some layout ideas.

    I don't know if someone can maybe have a go on paint and make the plan I put up look good.

    if I was doing it myself I would just end up with boarders all around the edge... NOT GOOD.
  • DaftyDuckDaftyDuck Forumite
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    Click to enlarge! ;)

    Well, interesting, ... maybe... not good though!

    Without knowing what you want, without your input, it's practically impossible to help. So, there are a couple of windows [somewhere], you need some decking [how much and what for], trees [if it's a vast acreage, I suppose a few oaks to start with]... If you are in Jersey, try palms and a cactus, or thistles if in Scotland...

    OK, I'm teasing a bit. It's always difficult to start gardening with no experience. I'm sure I'm not the only one up for a serious challenge over the weeks and months to come. Give us some more info. What do you like? Got kids? Cooking? Entertaining outside... What about views and nosey neighbours?

    How about browsing some photos online, posting back a couple you like. Even buy a book on the subject. Post back with something we can work with....

    If you want serious advice without divulging more, the best suggestion is to amble around your new area, and find a garden or six you like, and knock on the door. Ask for advice, ask if you can take a photo, ask where they get their plants, ask if there's a Gardening Club....

    Gardeners tend to be sociable types, and all like their area to flourish, so you are likely to get something out of it!
  • loving the water slide to be fair...

  • DaftyDuckDaftyDuck Forumite
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    It's a start... with a soggy finish!

    C'mon. What do you like/want? Which "posh" gardens float your boat? Which National Trust gardens, which TV gardeners? How about a few random images...





    Get an idea first....

    Then we add the water slide!
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