Which older games do you wish they'd remaster and bring to new consoles?

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  • dontonedontone Forumite
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    Aquamarina wrote: »
    Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
    Sega Turbo
    Chuckie Egg

    But then again I am old :D

    Aquamarina x

    lol at Chuckie Egg, that's going back a bit. In that case, how about Jet Set Willy & Daley Thompson's Decathlon (or was it track & field?) The one with the diving anyway.

    I'd also love to see remastered -

    Rocket Knight Adventures
    And Kid Chameleon - because that was an absolute s*d of a game, and I got near the end, got killed and used all my continues and in those days you couldn't save it. That game owes me :rotfl:

    BTW, Whoever said 'Road Rash' good call ;)
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  • VxsVxs Forumite
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    dontone wrote: »

    Damn! I loved that game :T:D
  • MandelbrotMandelbrot
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    age of empires2
    Vxs wrote: »
@Mr.Generous - Age Of Empires 2 was Awesome, so much replay-ability.

    Age of Empires II was the high-point of the series.
    The game-play went backwards (IMO) after that.
    I still play it from time to time.
  • PrinzessileinPrinzessilein Forumite
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    Two favourites of mine....

    The 'Dizzy' games that I had for my first ever computer console...a Spectrum 48K...I loved that machine! You could pop off and make a cuppa whilst your game was loading! The Dizzy games were frustrating but such fun! ...I have since played Treasure Island Dizzy on my laptop.

    Spyro games on the old PS1. A couple of years ago I got given an second-hand PS1 and a copy of the original Spyro...that brought back so many memories! I am looking into sourcing cheap copies of the other games too...Gateway to Glimmer was the best in the series!
  • tho_2tho_2 Forumite
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    steevio_uk wrote: »
    GoldenEye - or at least a genuinely brilliant classic 007 game

    Goldeneye was "re imagined" in 2010 for PS3 and xBox 360. Had Daniel Craig doing the voice and a updated story for the single player set after QoS. Which was very weird. I don't play much online multiplayer but the reviews were pretty good, and it was fun to get the classic local multiplayer back again.
  • RichL74RichL74 Forumite
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    Personally holding out for The Turrican Collection to be announced.
  • Game Oldies is an amazing website! It has Faery Tale Adventure and everything!

    (I'm sure I've got Magicland Dizzy - the BEST one! - on my PC but I can't remember where from :( )

    HBS x
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  • robthomas88robthomas88 Forumite
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    Ever since they stopped working on The Getaway 3 I've been holding out hope for at least a remaster of The Getaway and Black Monday. I'd also like them to remaster the first Motorstorm.
  • Juzza12Juzza12 Forumite
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    GTA: San Andreas

    Tomb Raider II
  • book12book12 Forumite
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    COD Modern Warfare 2 and 3.

    If not, I think COD should make Modern Warfare 5 in 2018 or 2019.
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