Which older games do you wish they'd remaster and bring to new consoles?

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    I want my classic Tomb Raiders back, blocky graphics and all. There's a lot to enjoy about the new ones, but I miss the days when you were mostly solving puzzles and occasionally shooting people/animals, rather than vice versa. It feels like they were worried that the originals were too hard for a modern audience. And, to be honest, I miss hyper competent adult Lara. The new one has more depth, but she's a shivering debutante compared with the original, and it feels like a step backwards to remove one of the few female characters who was as bold and ballsy as her male contemporaries. No one's reimaging Duke Nukem as a lithe young man coming to grips with the trauma of his first kill.

    Wouldn't mind seeing the Prince of Persia games brought out for PS4 too, and From Russia with Love, since I never finished it!
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    I can't say I agree with your characterisation of Lara Croft in the new games, something I particularly like about them is the fact that they portray her essentially as an elite assassin easily able to deal with hordes of enemies even elite mercenaries and supernatural entities. It doesn't make any sense in the context of the story or the Lara Croft story but I much prefer having the decent combat mechanics.

  • I don't particularly want remasters but I do love older games (quick plug for GoG.com haha)

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    I would like to see Pilotwings64 back - it was never brought forward from the N64.

    That was such a good game. It never got great reviews but we all loved it.
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    Baldur's Gate

    These are both PC games though so not sure how well they'd work on console.

    Other games i'd like to see Rebooted from years gone by

    Road Rash
    Streets Of Rage
    Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
    GTA: Vice City
    Red Dead Redemption
    X-Wing vs Tie Fighter
    Colony Wars
    Desert Strike
    Shining Force
    Punch Out
    NBA Jam
    Syphon Filter
  • Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
    Sega Turbo
    Chuckie Egg

    But then again I am old :D

    Aquamarina x

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    Perils of willy
    age of empires2
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    The Getaway
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    @Aquamarina - Chuckie Egg was a classic!
@Mr.Generous - Age Of Empires 2 was Awesome, so much replay-ability.

    When people said older games I being 33 thought there would be more really old games like Chuckie Egg :D

    Monkey Island was a Classic!

    Discworld Noir - I have tweeted Rhianna Pratchett and the studios who made it many times asking for them to remake it.

    Alex The Kid - Think this was on the Master System originally, may have been Mega Drive but it was awesome!

    Got loads more I could say but gotta stop somewhere :p
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    I loved chuckie egg too :)

    I found a bubble bobble app for the iPad a while ago - it's actually pretty good :)

    Alex kidd was great - one of them was pre-loaded onto the master system. I also loved cool spot for the master system (I just found it here... that's my evening wasted :) )


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