The Fabulous February NSD Challenge!



  • Rubbish weekend for NSDs. Illness meant pharmacy visits and unexpected trips out. Managed to keep within budget but did have to buy myself some cardis for work - for them from a charity shop though and spent £9 on 3 - would have been £45 for the very same ones in their original shops.
    So, onwards to the week - come on you NSDs... :)

    I always count prescription spends as essential.Hope you're feeling better.Well done on the cardi finds! :money:
    Kittencat wrote: »
    Is it too late to join?

    If not can I now with 10.

    Yesterday and today are NSDs so that's 2. If its not too late. Xx

    It is never too late Kittencat! :)

    Welcome to best challenge going!!! :j:j:j

    Would you like some tea and a biscuit?
    Hi all,
    Sunday was NSD #4 (well i did have to perform tooth fairy duties but not counting it as a spend)

    Today i have been volunteering at my kids school so not a penny spent again. NSD#5 which is 3 in a row, but tomorrow i have a tesco shop being delivered so an end to my NSD streak

    NSD 5/20 please

    Good luck to all and keep those purse strings pulled in tight :D

    Yay!!!!!!You're our first prize winner!

    medusasmummy 3 taggg4.jpg
  • Sorry again for my shameful absence.

    I don't even have the excuse of work since I don't work.

    Okay,question here:how has a packed lunch,and what are your fave packed lunches.

    When I worked,my standard was hm soup.I would make a big pot which would last me all week for lunches at work and at home.Luckily I don't mind eating the same thing every day.

    It's amazing how much it adds up if you buy your sandwiches and drinks from a cafe or take-away.
    I know it's not great if you need a microwave and there isn't one,but when the pennies count,it pays to get inventive.
  • Afternoon All.

    Welcome Kitten cat and well done Medusasmummy!

    Marmite...we really don't expect you to be on here constantly Hun!

    Regarding your question about packed lunches,

    I always take one to work regardless of having a subsidised canteen. (I really don't want to be eating a greasy fry up every lunch break...especially as my lunch break is normally at 8am!)

    For example, every two days I will make my sandwich filling for the next two days and stuff half of it into a baguette with some salad and put the rest of the filling (Covered) in the fridge. therefore, the next day I just have to put the rest of the filling into another baguette with some more salad. It works out soooo cheaply!

    1 tin of tuna drained (Aldi 45p)
    Small bowl of sweetcorn from bag of frozen. defrosted (Aldi 5p?)
    Couple of tablespoons of light mayo (Aldi 10p?)
    A good squirt of salad cream (Aldi 10p?)
    Half a bag of salad leaves (Aldi 30p?)

    Makes enough baguette filling for my needs for two days.

    Added to that the cost of two demi baguettes (90p for 3...freeze the last one) and I work that out at 80p a baguette. (possibly less as I was just estimating on all the fillings except the tuna)

    I don't count the cost of the marg as I don't pay for that and I only tend to spread it on there at a one molecule thickness! (I can't stand too much marg on there)

    Also, I buy bags of frozen chicken thighs and drumsticks. I often defrost a few of these at a time and cook them in my halogen, let them cool and strip them down for making chicken mayo salad baguettes. (Saving the bones for chicken stock).....I spend a lot of time reading the Old style MS board...does it show?!

    There are other ways that I've made this cheaper in the past by buying part baked baguettes and cooking them in batches. Also, obviously you can forgo the salad altogether or just buy a cheap head of lettuce, I just like the variety of the bags. Just put a piece of folded up kitchen roll in the bag/container before you put it back in the fridge and it should keep for days.

    Sorry for rambling but you've got me started now Marmite!

    I have loads of other ideas if anyone is interested.

    I hope everyone is having a great day. (Mine is a NSD so far!)

  • Very elusive, these NSDs... Number 3 for me today please.
  • I then went to the sweet shop Marmiterules! Not quite so essential. Though in our defence, the sweets are still in the cupboard as we are all feeling so rubbish.

    On the subject of lunches - my absolute favourite is a cheese and onion sandwich (but as it would be unfair to inflict this on my class I almost never have them!)

    At the moment I have a carrot, cucumber, tomatoes and celery for my lunch. Not got bored of it yet.

  • Yay!!!!!!You're our first prize winner!

    medusasmummy 3 taggg4.jpg

    Thank you very much :D

    No NSD for me today. Had my tesco shop delivered (i ordered online to stop me buying all the reduced stuff :) )

    On the subject of pack lunches i'm at home 6/7 days so make what i want but i send OH out with pack lunch daily.
    *sometimes he has left overs curry and rice, chicken fajita, pasta (he doesn't mind cold food)
    *sometimes he'll have batches (sorry, bread rolls) with ham mustard and mayo, cheese and red onion mixed with mayo, chicken with spicy mayo and salad
    * if I've been baking i'll whip up some pasties, cheese and onion, savoury mince, curried mince or chicken (depends what i have that needs using up)

    my favourite has to be good old stinky egg mayo and cress

    Good luck to all
  • Evening all!

    Another NSD for me today so...

    4/12 and 3 in a row


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    Some of my packed lunches include jacket potatoes (already cooked at home while the oven was on for something else) taken with a lump of butter and some cheese, heated up in the work microwave. Cheese on toast is a favourite, the toaster at work is rubbish so I toast the bread at home, then put cheese slices on the cold toast and microwave for about a minute. It comes out chewy rather than crunchy but tastes fine.
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    NSD today. Number 3. I got DH to pick up milk though......does it still count?
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    NSD no 4 today.
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