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This is a feedback thread on energy supplier

Please share your experience with other MoneySavers. Click reply to take part
  • Did your switch go smoothly?
  • Have you had problems since?
  • Is it easy to contact?
The feedback comes as part of the
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  • Anyone any experience with this supplier?
  • RedanRedan Forumite
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    I'm also interested to hear feedback please in my quest for a collective fix replacement.
  • footyguyfootyguy Forumite
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    I doubt anyone has any meaningful feedback yet as they have only recently lauched in the UK (for domestic customers)

    See date this thread was started ;)

    Engie, formally known as GDF Suez, have been supplying to commercial customers in the UK, and are an international company. They own 30% of another commercial energy supplier, Opus,
  • ianspiansp Forumite
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    I've taken a punt.
    The website looks good (much the same as OVO) - I'll keep people posted.
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    iansp wrote: »
    I've taken a punt.

    Me too. I've just done the June 2018 (rather than 2019) fix which may be short-sighted the way the market seems to be moving... yet again! But who knows in these politically uncertain times? And i feel it mitigates the risk of using a company with no feedback, albeit one that is well established abroad.

    So far there's been an efficient and clear email response and an easy online account set-up procedure. AND a freephone contact number, which is always welcome.
  • I have also taken the plunge and switched to Engie. Setting up on website was easy. Had the request to submit electric reading but not yet the gas. My account online looked like I could submit both, so I called them and they said to enter both. When I entered electric and submitted a message appeared to call customer service as they needed to verify. When I called the girl said they were having issue online but expected to be sorted in a few days and took both my readings. I will check in a few days to see if readings showing. First time I called, call was answered straight away. Second time was number 2 in queue which was answered in a few minutes. So no long queues.
  • Had to call with my opening readings, but email response was fairly quick and they've been added online. The switch was much quicker and smoother than with OVO.

    Good so far - but early days.
  • Well that's me all moved over to Engie. Everything went smoothly apart from having to phone to give meter reading. Phone was answered quickly. Overall took approximately about 4 weeks to complete. Would say this has been the easiest switch I have done.
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    I switched online last night, I went for the 2019 fix. Got emails this morning with a link to view account online and a welcome pack. Their literature promises much, but doesn't everyone's? I will keep you updated on the process. This is the first time I've gone outside the big six and, I must admit, I am a bit nervous. £120 a month is a sizeable amount to me, and I can't afford for them to mess it up.
    At least I have you knowledgeable guys to come to if it goes pear shaped.
    I came into this world with nothing and I've got most of it left.
  • KastanieKastanie Forumite
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    OK, I'm going to take a leap of faith and switch. Will update as to how I get on. Never been outside the big 6 and, like Steve, feel a bit nervous about it! But that's how they get you...
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