Coolly Comparing Investment Platform charges - SnowMan's spreadsheet

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  • @SnowMan Interactive Investor has just changed it's pricing structure for SIPP in drawdown (no extra cost for drawdown now) (from October)
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    A brilliant spreadsheet. I've already had a play.

    Is there a reason why IG isn't included ? (
    It's custody/admin fee is £24/Qtr (£96 p.a.) so at the lower end.
    Dealing costs are a bit fiddly. AFAIK, Dealing is £8 per trade - but rebated against the Quarterly fee - IF one deals 3 times in that Quarter. So it seems that a Quarter with 2 trades would cost £40, whereas one with 3 trades would cost £24 !

    3 or more trades in previous month qualify for £3 per trade in the subsequent month.

    Exit fees appear to be nil.

    As I'm not currently an active trader, AJ Bell seems worth a look - but its exit fees are a bit of a worry - especially if they hike other fees.
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    If Snowman is watching the spreadsheet gives annual costs of a £150000 IT SIPP with Fidelity in monthly drawdown as £165 it should be £63.

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