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    She who must be obeyed just tried one with a coffee which turned into 2 she asked how much they were I said 20p which turned into 3 and a quick I’ll take a packet to work :cool:
    That will last her a full day, then :D

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    Best buys this week.....bought vegetable storage bag for 50p. Seem well made, double thickness cotton, draw string top and a zip in the side. 4 designs to choose from.
    And, THE PINK STUFF, multi use cleaner. Not sure if I paid 59p or 69p. It comes as a tub, in my store they were at the till, they sell very quickly.
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    Brut deodorant in various flavours including the hard to find musk,£1:49 it’s on eBay at around £6.
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    Sugar @ 45p/kilo just in time for making rhubarb jam :)
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    our local had big panettone in for a £1 looks nice havent tried it yet
    onwards and upwards
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    popped in yesterday and got some out of date bargains

    5pk Maggi noodles 10p
    Heinz tomato & chorizo soup 10p
    Heinz tomato passata 5p
    Kraft 1000 island dressing 10p
    blue dragon rice vinegar 10p
    Amoy sweet & sour meal kit 50p
    Pepsi with ginger 500ml 15p

    also got some in-date items

    3x400g chopped tomato 69p
    Nesquick chocolate milkshake powder £1
    Canderel jar 95p
    Bullseye BBQ sauce 39p
    Helmanns burger sauce 29p
    Heinz mustard squeezy bottle 49p ( date 31-5-19 )
    Lux shower foam 69p
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    Chewing gum (Trident) sugar free strawberry flavour - 4 packs of 5 sticks (20 pieces) for 10p.
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    Duerr’s smooth tangy lemon conserve which I’ve not seen before and Duerr’s traditional thick cut Seville marmalade 89p.
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    I’ve just tried the lemon on toast it is lovely a bit like a grown up lemon curd.
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    Virasorb cold sore cream 90p

    Same ingredients as zovirax , aciclovir at 5% , which costs £7

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