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MSE News: EE to raise line rental and call costs next month - beat the hike

EE phone and broadband customers are facing an average £18/year hike to line rental costs from 23 January ...
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'EE to raise line rental and call costs next month - but you can beat the hike'
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  • PincherPincher
    6.6K Posts
    Got the e-mail today, and I have until 16th January 2017 to move.

    Moving to Virgin, just to check out the new Tivo box, aka EOS.
    Also curious how fast 200Mbps really is.

    Will end up with BT Infinity 38Mbps as backup broadband.

    I have a feeling 17:00 to 23:00 I will be back on the Infinity line.
  • WillPSWillPS Forumite
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    A word of caution - if my experience is anything to go by you will be charged to cancel which you then need to phone up and ask to be removed from your bill (or refunded).
  • CKhalvashiCKhalvashi Forumite
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    Called EE to ask them to match their new customer deal (2nd on the main MSE page), and they have without a problem.
    💙💛 💔

    I can spell, my iPad can't.
  • I received notification on the 20th December and rang to cancel on the 12th January but just got a letter stating that there is a charge of £133 to cancel early, from the discussion here it would seem that I should not be charged for this.
  • AndyPKAndyPK Forumite
    4.2K Posts
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    On your notification there should be a date by which you can cancel by penalty free.

    Otherwise they charge within minimum term.

    I suspect you missed the date
  • PincherPincher
    6.6K Posts
    I rang EE back in December to confirm I can leave penalty free.

    Got two automatic form letters, around New Year, telling me that they received a request to transfer my service.

    ......early termination fee......
    Based on the assumed disconnection date above, these would be £172.90 .

    And then, at the bottom:

    * if you have previously discussed your wishes to leave EE, and obtained agreement to reduce or waive these fee, this waiver will be actioned at the point your account is closed down. if this applies to you, please disregard the amount noted above.

    The EE service has now completely stopped, and the broadband ceased working.

    There is no confirmation that they even received my call.

    We shall see.
  • Well thank you for the replies,Martin says that I have 30 days and I was within that and there is no note at the bottom of my letter, I am going to ring them and challenge it but wanted to be sure of my ground before I did
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