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MSE News: Ryanair to push delay claimants using 'claims chasers' through Irish courts

Budget airline Ryanair has declared it WILL recognise the jurisdiction of British courts in flight delay claims...
Read the full story:
'Ryanair clarifies it will only push compensation claimants through Irish courts if 'claims chasers' are used'
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    VaubanVauban Forumite
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    It would be good if MSE made the point that Ryanair are not able to determine which courts have jurisdiction over flight delay claims - that is a matter for the courts, informed by relevant case law. Stop peddling their propaganda!

    EDIT: Here is the judgement from the European Court, which is very clear on this:
  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    er easier just to pay the claims.
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  • gadgetmindgadgetmind Forumite
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    Easier just to not use Ryanair, ever. Yes, they are cheap, but no not really.

    Search for "cheap flights" on Youtube. :-)
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  • ConsumeristConsumerist Forumite
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    Anyone still using Ryanair gets what they deserve.

    Ryanair seems to re-define wording to its own specifications so one has to wonder how it re-defines safety procedures to suit its own needs.

    Take O'leary's own advice and go elsewhere. Best advice I've heard from him. Ever.
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  • lottieheavenlottieheaven Forumite
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    Hi, just wanted to share some good news about Ryanair and claiming compensations for a delayed flight. On 20th July my hubbie and two children were delayed at Alicante airport back to Stansted by just over 6 hours for a technical fault with the plane. Whilst the rep at the airport and a quick email from Ryanair to signpost hubbie to a travel insurance claim we went on the Ryanair website and completed their online for for compensation under EU ruling. After a week they emailed back to ask for our bank details which we provided and yesterday a BACS payment arrived in our account for £1055 (400 euros per passenger) VERY pleasantly surprised how quick and painless the process was ................ well done to Ryanair from us !!
  • Justice13075Justice13075 Forumite
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    Yes but they told you to look at your travel insurance hoping that you would give up when your insurance said no claim. The fact you got the compensation is nothing more than you were entitled to. Can you imagine how many people on your flight didn't bother after contacting their travel insurers and how much compensation Ryanair saved. Don't be so quick to congratulate the airlines, they will try every trick in the book including lying to save paying out compensation.
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