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    I'd like to join in again in 2017 please. My MFW2016 number was #75 - happy to keep it if it's free. I'll set myself a target of £1,200 again. Due a baby, so it might be a challenge, but I'll give it a good go.
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    Hello, I'd like to join. £25000 this year for me please. (off the balance, not just OPs) to get from £76999 to £51999

    Not sure how yet
  • Hi

    Thank you please can I still be no 17 and my target this year will be 8000
    MFiT-T4- reduce mortgage from 61000 to 40000
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    Hi Hiddenshadow

    Can I join please, to overpay £11,100 in 2017, first timer on here but been paying down my mortgage for past 3 years.

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    Just logged on for the 1st time in a while (thought you had changed your diary name :eek: and were aiming to pay your mortgage off next year :j ) However,

    Would like to join once again and have a target of £2,400 this year (all my 10% allowance will allow :( )
    However may add a savings target to that once reached :) lets see how it goes.

    Many thanks - oh, and if available would like to keep my no. 27. Let the overpayments begin . . . . . .
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  • Hi. I'd love to join this thread. My aim is to overpay £200 a month next year as a minimum. I need motivation to stop spending on trivialities and reign in our bills. i already meal plan but have slipped a bit over the past year overall and could use some motivation. Thank you, FF3 x
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    Could i join in please my aim is £13800,no idea where any of this money is going to come from yet but going to have a good try.Thank you very much.
  • User1489User1489 Forumite
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    Hi, target worked out.

    I'll be reducing my mortgage from 157k to 135k.

    Just 4.3k of that will be from regular payments netted with interest - no wonder it takes people 30 years!

    My OP target is therefore 17.7k! (My OP allowance is £15.7, so i'm combining a £2k savings target with that too) :)


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  • Can I join for 2017 please and if possible keep my 2016 number (14).

    I'd like to set an overpayment target of £10,000

    Initial mortgage (Dec 2012) £108,000 3.84%APR MF date Jan 2038

    Mortgage remaining £68285
    Daily interest £4.28
    MFW #14 £3746.90/£10,000
  • Hello HiddenShadow/Everybody

    May I join please? I've been lurking on the forum for years and have been gently overpaying since I got my mortgage 3 years ago. Will be trying to up OPs a bit this year so have a target of £2664.


    MFW #37 2018 £1371.67/£2664 (51.5%) (2017 £2647.97/£2664 (99.4%)) Original End Date Dec 2038 Now November 2036
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