Buying the Girl Partner Gifts

Apart from bathroom smellies, what sort of things do you buy your (girl) partner / wife / whatever for Christmas?

Just looking for a bit of inspiration.


  • arbrighton
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    My husband has bought me coats/ waterproof trousers in the past (knowing I needed them) and a kenwood mixer (complete surprise but really appreciated).

    Try to be a bit imaginative. Smellies is what you buy for old female relatives. What are her interests? Has she been dropping hints?
  • mgdavid
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    diamonds are always a safe bet
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  • nimbo
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    My partner has bought me sloe gin. My LOVE sloe gin. We make it too.
    Craft goods - a die cutting machine silver clay etc.
    A pretty ring - not diamonds.
    My Little pony socks.
    a toy unicorn. Like the one in the movie despicable me.
    A toilet seat cover with Santa face on it. Now one you sit one - one for the lid. (With a toilet roll cover etc) it'll be used this year and thrown away as I'm. It not washing it haha.
    A tree skirt.
    These haven't all been the same year. I'm not too spoilt.
    This year I have an advent calendar with chocolate and a little red ticket each day. So far I have one choice of what's for tea. A trip to IKEA. A trip to the local garage - for a chocolate run. One pint at the pub. General things that will make me smile.

    A unicorn mug for work. Saying crazy unicorn lady

    unicorns make me smile. The first year we were together he asked what I wanted from his sister and I said a unicorn. (We'd just watched the disposable me movie.) she bought me a unicorn onesie. It's become a bit of a running joke.

    Get her something that will make her smile. I don't imagine the my little pony socks would work for many people but they make me smile.

    Silly presents are usually my favourites but I'm not necessarily the most serious person I know. Get her something that will make her smile. Just not something for the house unless she's asked. Hoovers are not Christmas presents unless asked for.

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  • Faith177
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    OH normally buys me things linked to my hobbies and interests

    So last year it was lots of Titanic books i didn't already have and some on the Russian royal family.

    I also love films so he keeps a list all year of films I have liked on Sky.

    I get lots of disney bits and childish bits as I'm a massive kid at heart

    He also gets me what i class as expensive treats so things i love but would never by myself like Mac makeup or this year it will be Kat von D stuff as you can now by it in the UK

    What things is your OH into OP might help us give you some ideas
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  • jackieblack
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    nimbo wrote: »
    (We'd just watched the disposable me movie.)
    Don't think I've seen that one ! :rotfl: :D
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  • This year I have asked me husband for a new purse and he should know the type I like as my current purse is nearly done and no more extras I. My drawer. Last year I got comforty PJs and a black hansvaf which is needed. We only spend a token amount for Xmas day and get a joint pressie if overnight stay or new TV for our room but this year we getting an iPad for us rather than using the secondhand one for the kids.
  • duchy
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    My partner tried to surprise me with tickets to see my favourite singer who is touring in January. He messed up slightly as he posted rather than PMd one of my friends asking if she knew anyone selling a front row seat . However it's something I couldn't have justified spending on myself so much appreciated even if no longer a surprise. (He has no idea I'm doing something very similar for him) So what would your partner like but not buy for herself ?
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  • I buy mostly beauty products or cool perfumes.
  • UKTigerlily
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    Stuff I had this year (including birthday) was warm things like two hats, gloves & a scarf, fluffy socks, slippers & a onesie . . chocolate . . . books . . . a fragrance gift set & a seperate perfume . . . purse . . . handbag . . . Lush bath bombs . . . makeup bag & flowers . . all so appreciated
  • Tickets for a show, handbag, books/Kindle, perfume, earrings, bracelets, afernoon tea at a nice place; Shard, Cloud 23 etc. Overnight stay at a country inn, cashmere scarf/socks. Loads of things come to mind. Bath stuff is a bit maiden Auntish!
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