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The sewing thread

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    westcoastscotwestcoastscot Forumite
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    Kittie that sounds lovely!

    Fuddle, applique is really fun - I often do wee bits onto a quilt around memories of the fabric. Have you seen Helen Phillip's blog? Lots of quilty inspiration there :-)

    Something your wee girlies might like - mine used to draw on calico, and I'd stitch the picture, just in plain running stitch - like a redwork type picture. As they got older they'd stitch it themselves - just small squares to add to a quilt.
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    Something your wee girlies might like - mine used to draw on calico, and I'd stitch the picture, just in plain running stitch - like a redwork type picture. As they got older they'd stitch it themselves - just small squares to add to a quilt.

    omg I absolutely LOVE that idea. What a fantastic way to make some treasured memories
  • Afternoon all, Fab Thread!
    I am a quilter, but have not had too much time lately and have a couple of half finished quilts. I do the basics for myself such as a wrap around skirt or pjama bottoms but nothing more complicated than that. I did make a gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn dressing gown in the 80's !
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  • thriftwizardthriftwizard Forumite
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    Evening all! Another fabric addict here... I don't get to stitch as often as I'd like, but that's just as well or no-one would ever get fed round here. I have a big computerised machine (bought secondhand) which is lovely & very capable but sulks quite easily, a Bernina workhorse (though I've lost that to DD1) an overlocker which I'm fairly terrified of but can just about manage, a 1909 Jones treadle which I love very much, and a tiny German long-bobbin handcrank which I've even been known to take camping! If I could only keep one, it would be the treadle every time.

    I do a little light quilting, make small & simple things from reclaimed materials (not always fabric; quite often old maps or wallpaper) to sell, make the odd uncomplicated garment and help DD2 with her dance costumes. I was never taught, having been pushed into the academic stream at school, and would love to do a pattern-cutting course & design my own clothes, being of the short & round persuasion so that hardly anything shop-bought ever fits.

    Looking forward to sharing in everyone's stitching adventures!

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  • Living_proofLiving_proof Forumite
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    Enthused by this thread I have googled sewing classes in my area and to my amazement found a private class one evening a week for a couple of hours, or once a month all day on a Sunday. I've made contact with the teacher and hope to join a class after February, as I have many commitments up until then. All very exciting!
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  • marybmaryb Forumite
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    OOOH! just found this thread!! Thank you Kittie!

    I used to love sewing but rarely had much time for it when I was working. I thought I'd have much more time when I retired but I started having a lot of trouble with my eyesight, one problem after another!

    However I have been extraordinarily lucky and my macular problem has spontaneously resolved (thankfully it wasn't macular degeneration, I was due to have an operation but in the end didn't need it). It has taken about 18 months but I can now see better than I could for the last 4 years so am hoping to do more sewing. Although I still swear by my Clover automatic needle threader!!

    My DD has also got into sewing in a big way and has overtaken me in many ways. She started by raiding my stash in her first year at uni to make a quilt for her cold room. Very simple just four inch squares of fabric but it was enough to give her the bug.

    After a year or so I thought she would like to move on to clothesmaking but I knew she would get disheartened if she just bought a pattern and made it up because women's figures have changed so much since the pattern companies last standardised their sizes. I had learned to do a Full Bust Adjustment from the Palmer and Pletsch book Fit for Real People and was stunned at the difference it made. Choosing a pattern size by my high bust measurement rather than my actual bust and then making an adjustment to give the 'girls' the room they needed gave me clothes that fitted! Because when your middle age spreads a bit, your shoulders don't necessarily come out in sympathy like a 1970s trade unionist!

    Anyway I found a course run by Mandy Bengeyfield at Fit2sew in South Croydon. She's a certified Palmer and Pletsch instructor so I bought a course for DD as a present. She loved it and was able to make herself a whole load of shift dresses for work for very little money. Now she tackles all sorts of things and it's a great hobby for her

    Except she raids my supplies. And never puts anything back:mad:
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    katkinkatkin Forumite
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    Thanks for this thread, it is great inspiration.

    I've sewn since a small child, so young I can hardly remember when I took it up. My mum was a huge amateur dressmaker and did brides dresses etc for family and friends. Many memories I have was with my mum at the machine or learning to use a quick pick!

    My machine is out now to make "unique" lined tote shopping bags for Xmas gifts. I've also done a quilted few table runners and matching coaster. There's some amazing fashionable fabrics out there, Amy Butler being one of my favourites.

    Alterations and clothes make it a whole different ball game for me, I really need a pattern even if it is a freebie online one that needs sizing up.

    My next project is making an A-line skirt from some ikea fabric that more used for soft furnishings than clothes! It's a lovely print that will go well with winter knits and boots.

    Do you all think we should have a simple sewing challenge? Make something within so many weeks then post the finished item? Sharing knowledge and tips as we go along?
  • Lovely thread!

    I've had a desire to learn to sew my own clothes for a while now, and my mum has recently started to teach me. Together we made one top for me that came out well, since then I've made one very simple top on my own that fits but is a bit uninspiring in terms of fit. It may have been better in a different fabric. I'm three quarters of a way through a second top on my own that I've realised would have looked good on someone 2 sizes smaller, sometime in the mid 70's.:o

    Still, mum and I came upon a fabric shop that was closing down a while back and we bought about a dozen massive rolls of fabric for £5 a go. :T Most of it was upholstery fabric, but I did get one lovely roll of something that mysteriously calls itself 'cotton satin'. My three rolls have easily 20m + of fabric on them, so the materials for the two tops cost about a quid each (+60p for a zip that might not be used). Its a learning experience...

    Since starting I've developed a fabric buying habit... I now have a huge stock of fabric I'm scared to use because I'm afraid I'll make something that will be a disaster/wont fit. None of it was terribly expensive in the grand scheme, (but more than my massive rolls) and I'd be sad not to get something wearable from it!

    Will follow this thread with interest :)
  • marybmaryb Forumite
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    Careful Green Hat!! SABLE awaits! (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy)

    Geoff Rosenberg, who exhibits at most of the stitching exhibitions, also has a Travelling Fabric Show. He takes over the Village Hall for a day once a month and lays out bolts and bolts of gorgeous cut price fabric. That man is EVIL! (he's lovely, such a nice man, and you come home barely able to carry all the lovely fabric you have bought)
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  • jackyannjackyann Forumite
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    I'll start katkin's challenge in the New Year, I have 3 potential projct and am not sure where to begin, but when I decide, I'll post!
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