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The "Save 12k in 2017" Thread!

edited 18 January 2017 at 10:18PM in Savings & Investments
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  • Been lurking around the forum for ages so what better way to get involved than building my savings back up with the help and motivation this forum provides.

    In the process of buying a house so will be good to rebuild that emergency fund come the new year.

    Sign me up for £7000 please (Hopefully that's achievable but like others said, aim high!)
    Save 12K in 2017 - #47 - £6208.93/ £7,000 (88.69%)
  • sign me up for £50,000... I will be ambitious! Thank you:)
    Save 12,000 in 2017 (48)

    Total so far: £7,000
    Goal: £50,000

    I'm trying to remember to pay my future self first!
  • Aiming to clear off a credit card debt this year so I'll keep my my goal small!

    Please sign me up for £8,000! Thanks!
    Save 12K in 2017 #49: £825/£8,000 (10.31%)
    Clear Credit Card Debt by 2018: £11,835/£20,312 (41.73% Paid)
  • Me again please :) for £2,500
  • May I join with an aim of £7k? :)

    If it's not too much to ask, could I have number #50 on the spreadsheet? (one of my lucky numbers :o)
    SPC #119: £86 banked
    3-6 month EF #79: £519.23/£3,000
  • Could I join please? I'd like to aim for £5000. I only work part time and that's not far of my years salary so a bit of an ambitious target! I'm hoping to clear the house out a bit with a lot of ebay selling so hopefully earning a bit here and there on the side will boost my efforts.
    £1000 Emergency Fund #196: £0:(/£1000
  • 5t3ve5t3ve Forumite
    51 posts
    I'd like to give this a shot this year. With my first child on the way and a big house renovation/extension on the horizon I'm going to set an ambitious target of £6k please.
  • Can I join please, haven't done anything like this before!
    £10,000 please for my house deposit :D
    Number 054 - 'Save 12k in 2017' thread - £10,000 target :)£2100/£10,000 :D
  • Hi

    Can I join please? I'm aiming for 15k, will try not to be ambitious but rubbish...
    If possible, can I be #85? It's my number on another challenge... :)

    Mortgage [STRIKE]£126746 DEC14[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£122423.53 DEC15[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£115041.70 DEC16[/STRIKE] Remortgaged Sep17 to pay off HtB loan £150000 - £140500 JUL19
  • Can I join please? Savings target : £12,000 for our Ruby Wedding celebrations in December!!!!!
    “And all shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of things shall be exceeding well.”
    ― Julian of Norwich
    In other words, Don't Panic!
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