O2 didnt cancel old contract after upgrade

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I have been an O2 customer for over two years and recently noticed on my bank statement that O2 took 2 payments from my account for different amounts on the same day in November. I contacted O2 via their online chat facility as there was a 15 min wait on the phone, anyway 2 different advisors had a look at my account and couldnt see the additional payment.

I contacted my bank and they said two DD's have been coming out of my account since May, so they cancelled the one that didnt match my phone bill amount and also made an indemnity claim going back to May.

I called O2 after that and it turns out that, in May when I was due an early upgrade as my contract was coming to an end, O2 didnt cancel it. I upgraded with O2 that I was with before, they sent me a new sim, which didnt work and I was advised by O2 to keep using my old sim in the new phone and they will do the necessary change over.

Fast forward to now, seems like O2 didnt do that, nor did they cancel my old contract, Ive been using my old sim in my new phone so they kept charging me for the old and new contract each month since May.

To complicate matters, I've unwittingly cancelled the wrong DD and made an indemnity claim for the wrong account which the bank cant change now. I have to get a new sim tomorrow so O2 can port everything over to the new sim in order to cancel the old contract and inform them of this.

So my question is, do I have grounds to get my money refunded backdated to May for the contract they didnt cancel. According to O2 I didnt inform them to cancel the contract. But surely when you upgrade that is the process anyway?


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    So you didn't actually upgrade? You started a second new account.
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    Check your credit report in case they have black listed you.
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    Yes basicallly rather than just upgrade my account they just starterd another account. They advised me to keep using my old sim because the new one wouldnt port my number and details over there. This was their mess up yet Im paying for it.

    I dont think I would be blacklisted as they have had payments for each account by DD, so I havent defaulted on anything.
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    I think your case highlights that we need to check our bank statements every month and particularly after any modification of a phone contract.
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