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Hi, I've been with sky for 15 years and am looking at SkyQ but really begrudge paying the £200 they want to charge me.

Someone mentioned to me that it's possible to cancel the contract which is in my name and for my husband to join as a new customer. Then we could get the current offer where we get the free TV, pay £15 one off cost and then pay £!8 a month less than we currently do. Along with getting cashback through Quidco.

Can anyone confirm firstly if this is possible or can sky refuse the new contract as it's the same address? Also can you arrange it so the cancellation falls into line with when the new contract would start or do they just disconnect you so we would be without service for a period of time?


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    Although there is a named contract holder,Sky consider the household to be the customer.

    It is possible to con them , if moving house and the service was in a partner's name, that and the bank account being different and some manage to cheat without moving, but if caught (Sky are aware of what goes on) you would be committed to the length of the contract, but at full price, as you don't qualify for the special new customer discount.

    If you cancel and actual let the service go off, they are offering very good deals at the moment . ie 75% off packages and 3100 credit. (I don't have any use for Q, as I don't want to watch in every room in the house of record multiple programmes at the same time.)
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