BT broadband, tv and phone prices - Opinion needed please.

]Hi there,

I have been looking at my BT Bill and it seems expensive. I am paying £53.14 a month.

consisting of the following:

Line Rental at £18.99 a month


Broadband and Calls £27.35

This is made up of Broadband and calls £32.50

This is the cost of your Package at £32.50 a month. This gives you:
Calling Plan Unlimited Weekend Calls (I don't need.. I don't use the home phone at all - we haven't got a land line phone connected).

Broadband Unlimited BT Infinity 2

Credit: Special offer discount - £ 5.15
You get your Package at a special rate. We show this on your bill by giving you a refund of £5.15 a month
Your special offer discount lasts for 12 month


Entertainment Plus £10.00
AMC Channel £0.00
Credit: Entertainment Plus discount -£3.20
BT Sport Pack £0.00

total rental - £ 53.14

I phoned BT and they stated that they could reduce by a £1 a month however that is all.

I only watch BT sport and need the unlimited high speed broadband. For around £10 more per month, I can get SKY including Sky sports/Sky Go (not movies etc) and pay the extra to get BT sports through sky. I am reluctant to leave BT however have looked online as a BT new customer and the amount paid is far cheaper. Can anyone provide advise before I switch to SKY?

Many thanks,



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    You can drop the paying for calls if you don't need .
    UL weekend is free usually with the broadband .
    Do you really need infinity 2 ?? are you getting much above Inifiity 1 and why would you need 76 meg .
    BT Sport is from free .
    Have you used your members pages to check on your new offers .

    Key is when are you out of contract with the multiple services .No point moving if you have to pay of contracts .

    This is what i pay `BT .
    Advanced Line Rental circa £190 pa.
    Infinity 1 as i don't need 76 meg and don't even know if i can get near 76 meg that's £10 pm .
    TV Entertainment Plus £4-35 pm .
    BT Sport free .
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