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Hi Everyone

I've been a long-time reader/lurker of these boards and thought you folks may be the ideal people to turn to in an effort to reduce costs... first up, a little background;

We currently have the full SKY package at home and pay extra for BT Sport. Our Telephone & Internet are supplied by BT and we're contracted to them for another 8 or 9 months. We can't receive Virgin but we are using BT Infinity, which is very good.

We're looking to reduce costs. We currently pay £78pm for SKY + another £5 or £10 for BT Sports (her indoors deals with the bills so I'm guessing here) we then pay more to BT, all-in-all, I'm told we pay around £150 per month for TV/Internet & Telephone, which is ridiculous!


We're trying to reduce costs BUT I would like to retain the sports packages. I don't care about Football but I am a confirmed Rugby bloke and need both BT and SKY in order to see both League and European games. I gave up my season ticket at my local club (Leicester Tigers) when my children were born, the missus is a Police Officer and works shifts and I'd miss too many games to make a ST worthwhile, plus I love watching the other sides play, I'm a fan of the game rather than a total Leicester fan with eyes only for my team.

As we have children, the children's channels are essential, they're not bothered about Disney but do watch lots of other garbage... we also take the movie channels although we don't watch them, trouble is SKY's pricing makes it nigh on pointless cancelling them as the saving is negligible.

The home telephone is something we can easily live without, we have mobiles (who doesn't) and use them 90% of the time. That can be dropped in a heartbeat. The broadband/infinity is essential and must stay.


Soooo - wondering if anyone has any bright ideas? I'm looking at Freeview options but it's all getting a bit confusing tbh.
In an ideal world, I'd like to keep things like Sky One and Sky Atlantic as well as Fox. I also like watching the Discovery channel so would like to keep that too.

We often play "Cancellation Chicken" with Sky (call them, ask for a discount, they refuse, we cancel, we then wait...and wait...and wait and then, a day or two before the signal is switched off, they call, make us a 6 month offer and we accept - it's usually 50% off) but we'd like a long-term solution because it's all getting a bit boring now. The plan is to save the money so we can take the nippers abroad rather than to a Caravan (although, seriously, there's nothing whatsoever wrong with a caravan in Devon or Cornwall)

I know I've rambled, apologies, my mind is a blur with deals and packages and all kinds of garbage spouted by the various companies, they all claim to be the best, they all claim to be able to save me ££££'s but they all charge very similar fees. I KNOW there are cheaper ways to achieve what I need but I'll be dammed if I can find them!

If anyone can help, even if it's just a link to a site that'll do the math for me, I'd be really grateful!

Thanks for reading, guys. Really appreciated.


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    BT Sports is that not free with your Infinity ??
    Certainly i pay nothing to watch RU via BT Sports since day one .
    You will pay line rental even if you don't use the phone part of the line .
    Possible look at BT TV packages see if one covers your needs .
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    As JJ says - check with BT about access to their sports through your BB. If it is, the other money save is to cancel Sky and go with their Now TV package. If you've got a smart TV or device that has it (Playstation, PVR, laptop etc.) then all you need to do is subscribe. If you haven't, you can pick up a Now TV box for about £15 - you'll need HDMI connection on your TV. Some boxes come with free vouchers, which are usually good value e.g. 3 months free movies, can make the box virtually free.

    You can set up an account on a PC easy enough. You can manage vouchers etc on there as well. If you buy a month sports access at £32, you give them your account details, they charge you for a month, and if you don't cancel, at the end of the month they charge you for the next month. You can cancel straight after buying the voucher, which tells it that you don't want to renew at the end of the month (it doesn't cancel the month you paid for). If you've never had Now Tv you can normally get a 14 or 30 day free trial as well.

    It is a streamed service so you need decent BB speed. There are 4 packages - movies, sports, entertainment, and kids - each costs different amounts but the total cost for all 4 is about £54 a month - sports is most expensive at about £32 a month, but you can cancel/re-subscribe when you want - if you mainly want the rugby, cancel out of season, then start up again in season. It's on a monthly rolling subscription, so it's not a sneaky trick. Now TV doesn't have a recording function, but you can watch live or catch up any time, so don't think it should be an issue. Only downside for sports is if you have a BB issue just when the match is about to kick off.

    You could always do a mix and downgrade Sky, and subscribe for Now TV just for sports.
    You can't really drop the home phone - you pay line rental for the phone line, and almost always need that for your BB, unless you go 4g or something like that, which I know nothing about.
    The reality is, if you want most Sky channels, you'll have to subscribe to Sky, or Now TV. I have access to BT sports via PlusNet which might be an option if you switch from BT - costs about £9 a month (although they gave me £5 off for 12 months) using their Youview+ box which also works as a recorder.

    From what you've described, I'd say your best money saving plan is to cancel Sky, stay with BT if you get the BT sport from them (or go elsewhere such as PlusNet), subscribe to Now TV (manage it so you're not automatically paying monthly if you don't need it), and your annual savings should be in the region of £400. (£83x12 = £996 for sky, but £54x9 during rugby season ish, plus £22x3 out of season on Now TV = £552).
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    Problem is for the OP Rugby Union is on so many channels .
    BBC 1 BBC2 ITV as freeview .
    BT Sport for some and Sky Sports for some more .
    This Saturday the Scottish and Wales matches are on BBC in England but the England match is on paid for SKY
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    I looked at Now TV, but the lack of recording facility was a deal-breaker. Unfortunately, Sky Atlantic is only available on the Sky/now TV platforms. If you can bear to be without Sky for a couple of months, it's worth cancelling it and waiting to see what they offer. I had 60% discount and no contract offered for 1 year about a month after I cancelled.They are now offering 70% discount on all packages - but I expect this is a limited time offer!
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  • Having one provider makes the search for better deals a lot easier as you can play them off against each other.
    I recently moved my broadband and line rental to BT and am due £100 cashback and £150 prepaid mastercard which covered the annual line rental costs which I paid upfront and now only have to pay £17.99 a month which gives us Caller display and BT Sport. We kept the Sky TV but I am looking to reduce the cost of the package and Sky are usually quite good at offering a discount just because you asked.
    Have you gone online to your accounts with BT and Sky? They both have very user friendly account details and you may be offered a deal just by logging in and reviewing your package. BT Sport was greatly reduced for me with line rental and broadband so you should see if you can get a similar deal.
    Apart from asking what deals Sky and BT will give you I would suggest you move your broadband and line rental each year unless the provider is giving you the best deal you could get. Using a cashback website could give you a lump sum back which will discount the months ahead.
    Have you considered cancelling Sky and setting it up in your wife's name? I'm looking into doing this but not sure on the legalities of it. As a new customer you can get a cheaper subscription cost and a free gift (TV, XBOX or prepaid Mastercard) and can also get cashback so if it's possible I'll be doing that!
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    ka7e - I haven't missed having a record function on Now tv - I just use the catch-up service. The series episodes are available for up to a month after broadcast, and most appear as box sets if you are patient anyway.
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