Die cutting machine suggestions pls

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Hi, I am getting into making my own cards and would like to purchase a basic die cutting machine but there are so many out there I am confused. I want one you can plug into the mains, but don't need it to connect to my computer or anything like that. Can anyone recommend me something basic and good value for a start up machine. Many thanks. Jane
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    Seen one in Aldi today, no idea of value or how good it is though (£49.99).
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    I have the hand crank sissix machine.

    Don't know how good any other brands are but mine does well.

    My first machine didn't cut as well as it could have and I was able to swap. It seemed to be taking a while to sort and they admitted they'd sent one to the wrong address - but they sent me a new one quick enough after that.

    I realise it doesn't really answer the question - but we have a local independent craft store that has toys for people to play with. it may be worth asking if they have any you can trial Locally to you?

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    I have an electric cut and boss which is OK. I also have manual Big Shot Plus A4.


    If I was buying again I would not bother with the electric one.
  • I have a Cricut machine which I hardly ever use but love the Cuttlebug. Its so easy to use even with my arthritic hands I can manage ok.
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    Is there a particular reason why you want an electric one? I have a manual Sizzix BigShot which I love. It's so easy and convenient to use. It doesn't take any effort to wind the handle. I wouldn't want to be bothered with plugging a machine in and having trailing wires in the way. I started my die-cutting with an electric Cricut Explore but I hardly ever use it now as it's such a pain to set up. If you've got a branch of Hobbycraft near you, they usually have a few machines you can try out before you buy.
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    I've got a silhouette portrait machine ( electric ) and I love it but if I only wanted to do cards then I'd stick with a hand cranked machine. I've also got an Xcut which is a hand cranked one, I bought that make because it folds up and I don't have much room to store things.
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    i have a bigshot and love it.I also have a silhouette cameo which i don't use very often as it seems to technical x
    Comping for christmas x
    Thankyou to all posters:D
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    magical wrote: »
    i have a bigshot and love it.I also have a silhouette cameo which i don't use very often as it seems to technical x

    Have a look at the tutorials for the cameo on you tube, most are very easy to follow, there's a few pages on Facebook that are really good as well. I'm loving my cameo ( not portrait as I said in the other post ) and just today did a tee shirt for one of my grandbrats with heat transfer vinyl, it turned out not to bad.
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    I've got the Sizzix Bigshot and it does everything I need. Unless there is something specific about an electric die cutting machine (?how many shapes are you planning to cut?!), can't see it is worth the extra expense.
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    I have an xcut and really like it. It does up to A4 size which is an advantage over a number of other die cutters.
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