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Cheapest package for cable/phone/broadband?


First post on the forum. Has anyone any recommendations for a phone/TV/broadband package? I'm currently with Virgin, who've just advised me of a new price increase which I feel is unjustified. I'm currently paying 90 odd quid a month with charges for phone calls a very small part of this.

The package I'm currently on has £72 a month in bundle charges (Talk Unlimited, Free Voicemail, Full House TV (XL), VIVID 100 Optical Fibre) and £17.99 a month for line rental. I was wondering if others on the forum have a provider which they feel gives better value for money.

Thanks for any help you can give


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    Must it be a package? Why not look at different providers for TV and BB? What channels do you watch as that will have a big say in what you want?

    Have you looked at the usual suspects? Sky? BT? Maybe phone Virgin to see if you can haggle and get a reduction that may suit you?
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