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Sorry folks, please read this and tell me if you think i am correct in my assumptions.

Dear Yorkshire Water,
I currently am looking at the letter you sent me on 20th September 2016, signed by (text removed by MSE Forum Team) It states under the Temporary Disconnection subheading

“Whilst you are away we'll be more than happy to come and shut off your external stop !!!!. This will stop any water coming in, protecting your home against any leaks that might occur whilst you are away for a long period of time. You may be pleased to know this service is free of charge. Please get in touch with us at least 14 days before you leave and i'll arrange this for you. You'll also need to get in touch with us again at least 14 days before you return home so we can arrange this to be turned back on for you.”

Now that was from a letter from your company, Yorkshire Water. Note where it says the free of charge.

Your email from (text removed by MSE Forum Team) “Returning Home: Just let us know when you're coming home(we'll need 14 days notice) and we'll arrange for your supply to be turned back on. There's no charge for this. We'll then set up a new account and direct debit for you.” Earlier in this email it states “I agree with your comments and appreciate how confusing this must be for you” which sorry to say I view very condascending.

1. Now your Reconnection facility for a Temporary Disconnection is either free or not. I do not view it as an accident how (Text removed by MSE Forum Team) worded that letter.

2. A direct debit can be variable in amount. Your reply to my enquiry as to why it was necessary to close the account for a temporary disconnection was this from
“!(Our Ref: LNSS-ADECWJ1)

Customer reference number! !29123! 4563! 48497! 9

Good afternoon Mr xxxx

Thank you for your email received on 28 September 2016.

I'm sorry you're unhappy about us closing your account and appreciate your

I understand that you own your home and that you'll need the water back on in the future.! We need to close your account to cancel the charges whilst you're away.! Just so you know, when we close accounts it doesn't affect the supply.

When we close your account it will cancel the charges from when you went away.! We'll then set it back up for you to raise charges from when you've come home.! By doing this, you won't be paying charges for the time you're on holiday.
We can't leave your account open as it would mean you'll be paying for the charges whilst you're away and your account would also be showing there's a balance due.

If you've any questions or you'd like to talk to me please call me on 01274
262327.! I'm available Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.


I am sorry but your reply was just repeating the same thing but not explaining WHY you cannot reduce the direct debit to zero and leave the account open whilst I am away as it is a Temporary Disconnection. Please explain WHY you cannot vary the direct debit amount thus reduce it to zero because as far as I am concerned the present account is linked to my house, your letter which you sent to me calls into question the correctness of email information you have supplied as regards whether there will be a charge for opening back up the stop !!!!(reconnection from temporary disconnection.). Please check your copy of the letter (text removed by MSE Forum Team) sent me that I have quoted from.
I am not happy with what is occurring here, as I think owning a house and having 2 differing accounts(albeit over different time periods) whilst you own it for water seems in some way incorrect, especially as it will just involve you closing an external valve to shut it off then reopening it and the account number, and account could quite easily remain the same and even in force. The direct debit can be changed in amount so you have not satisfactorily to me explained why the account needs to be closed down . You refer to it showing there's a balance due if you left it open and you agree I should not be paying for the water if I am not using it whilst away, err when you close the account I am assuming AS you have said I should not be paying for the water, you are wiping what is left to pay??? If this is not the case why have you not said. If you are wiping it, then what difference does it make whether account is open or not- you just have bills state monthly payment changed to zero, temporary STOPPAGE of supply whilst the customer away on protracted holiday?? Your email(from (text removed by MSE Forum Team)) states “Once we have an exact date from you we'll arrange for one of our team to visit your home to turn off your supply free of charge.! We can't keep your direct debit live and reduce your payments to zero, so we'll close your account and will let you know if there's a credit or balance.! We'll then cancel your direct debit, so there's no need for you to do this.” Err hence big question mark here. Compare that with the entirety of (text removed by MSE Forum Team) email above. And your letter from (text removed by MSE Forum Team) states “I agree that whilst you are away from your home for such a long time, water and sewerage charges will be a pointless cost.”(hmm didnt say actually HOW long! I said could be 6 months right up to a year and beyond.)

3. As I say I am not happy, can you also confirm that if this ends up happening when you have explained why correctly, if you will force a meter on me for reconnection from temporary disconnection?
sorry guys but what are your thoughts on this??
i am going away on a protracted holiday abroad. I require only a temporary disconnect, which should require just an external stop clock close and reopen and to say info supplied is either conflicting or not explained enough in one source is an understatement...
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