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  • Payday update! Which means I've been able to make a fair dent on the CC and also managed to put some money into savings!
    So as it stands we are now at:

    CC balance: -£980

    My HTB ISA: £1265 (Managed to pay £115 into it this month!! - this is a big deal for me as I haven't managed to pay anything into it since June!!)
    OH HTB ISA: £3200

    Total: £4,465 / £50,000 8.93%

    Hopefully we will comfortably be at 10% by Christmas and my CC will be less than £500 remaining - we shall see!

    And my emergency fund is still sitting at £300 :)
  • m_i
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    Best of luck for November
    Nice to save.
  • So this month is not a good month for savings potentially! I will update in a few weeks when things are confirmed however whilst savings will have slightly depleted it will be better for the long run :)
  • Hi Gibberish

    I'm 25 and graduated in 2012, I'm also saving a deposit for a house but I'm lucky enough to have been able to live with my parents since leaving uni so I can save quite a bit each month. On the other hand my OH is no help, all his money's going on paying off his credit card debt at the moment and he's going back into full time education next September, for 7 years. Hopefully he'll be able to get a part time job :o

    Anyway, best of luck, I'll be following your thread :beer:
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  • Hi Amaryllis! Good luck to you too, Part of me wishes I stayed living with my parents for a little longer because I'd have been able to save so much more each month however having the freedom of being all moved out I do love so I don't think I'd change it! Good luck with your savings, your OH sounds a bit like mine used to be, he had all his CC's maxed out AND a massive loan which he working really hard to clear so is actually better than I am financially haha!

    In terms of progress in savings tings are a bit all over the place because..... WE'RE MOVING EEEK. So the place we are renting is very nice however somewhere came up which was even nicer and is in a better location AND has a garden and for other reasons the place we are isn't really working for us so we decided to go for it and move there as considering we're going to be renting for quite a while we may as well be living somewhere that we're going to be really happy!

    So thats all going to happen in about 3-4 weeks meaning we're having to find money for a deposit from somewhere and also means we have lots of things to buy as we have more space in the new place so more things to get!
    It will all be worth it though as we'll be much happier at this new place :)!

    Financial update:

    My HTB ISA: £1,335.49
    (I had interest paid of £20.49 yay :P)
    OH HTB ISA: £3688.79
    (OH had interest paid of £88.79)
    Total: £5024.28/ £50,000 - 10.05%

    We are just over 10% of the way there which I feel is a HUGE milestone!!

    In bad news though my credit card is up to -£1260 because I have to pay £600 for my car MOT and service a few weeks back eeeeeek!!!!! :(:( £30 more than where my CC started at in September!

    Anyway this month I'm not sure either of us will be paying into our ISA's with the move and everything however nonetheless I will update after pay day and after we're all moved in to our new place to give you the update!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all :)
  • Gibberish94
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    Wow it has been a VERY long time since I have updated. So a lot has happened and life has got in the way and sadly as a result my savings haven't grown but my credit card has :(!

    That said we have moved to a lovely new place (still rented) which is slightly more expensive but we are so much happier here, however new place means new things had to be purchase which involved £600 onto the credit card and then on top of that my car insurance of £480 has just gone on the credit card too. And where we moved not only did things have to go onto the credit card but this also meant nothing could be saved!
    So whilst my figures are looking worse than before I just need to remind myself that these expenses couldn't be helped and I am on the road to getting saving savvy!

    My HTB ISA: £1,335.49 (no change for me sadly)
    OH HTB ISA: £4688.79
    Total: £6024.28/ £50,000 - 12.05%

    So my OH has been great and still been able to pay in monthly so good on him, I've just got a bit of catching up to do! 12% of the way there, its a long slog but we'll do it, come September I should be getting a pay rise and I'm hoping this CC balance will finally be at zero as we're not planning on moving again until we are actually buying a place!

    CC balance: -£1,482.15
    (This makes me so sad but like I said unfortunately an extra £600 for moving bits and £480 for car insurance had to go on so given that I'm impressed I've managed to reduce it to this amount!)

    Anyway I probably won't be updating again for a little while as I'm super super busy at the moment but I wanted to post today to remind myself of this moment where everything is seeming extremely difficult and then I can look back on it and see how far I've come :)
  • savingwannabe
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    Well done in posting Gibberish sorry the move cost so much but at least you like the new place. I am sure when you next post you will be in a much better place financially. Good luck.:beer:
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
  • Another post, another 4 months later oops! Its been a very busy busy time lately... I have a busy week this week but I'm going to try and do an update post next week (not in another 4 months time haha)!
  • Zaphiera
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    Keeping an eye on this diary, i hope you're getting on well with your savings Gibberish94. I think a little bit of competition to keep up with your partner is great and really motivating!
    Cars are just so expensive aren't they. Ive spent over a £1000.00 on mine in repairs since the start of the year and its a horrible feeling when it all goes wrong. Hopefully this is it for you for know with car worries.
  • Gibberish94
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    Oh my gosh long time no post! I guess I need to just accept I'm very very busy and so can't post as often as I'd like however that said its nice to look back and see where I've come. I've still been trying to save but obviously has been difficult. Since the last update a year ago I had almost £1500 on credit card which I'm pleased to say I've now cleared yay! So CC is ZERO and has been for about 5 months now :)

    However in more costly new's my laptop gave up the ghost so my OH kindly lent me the money to replace it (although expensively as I got a Mac(!)) however I'm paying that off monthly by paying it into his ISA and will have paid that off by September.

    Also I finally got fed up of my car and constantly having to repair it so decided to sell it and get a new one HOWEVER I wanted a car that would be reliable and not break which means I get out a wee loan out from the bank however I'm paying this off monthly and overpaying so hoping to reduce the loan term and it should be zero by the time we go to get a mortgage. And since I bought the car I've not spent a penny on it besides petrol whereas my old car was costing me over £100 in repairs each month so IMO its worth it.

    And finally the savings situation...

    My LT ISA: £1,584.37
    OH LT ISA: £5,628.89
    Total: £7213.26/ £50,000 - 14.40%

    My last update we were at 12% and we both had to take some out of our HTB ISAs to cover some costs and then build the balances back up so theres been improvement just perhaps not as much as I'd like. And we've also transferred to the LT ISA so can't just take money out of them now which will stop that happening!
    Hopefully the next update will be a bit more successful! It's been a manic and busy expensive year however progress is being made even if its a little slow!!
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