Off work with leukaemia What's best to do? Please help

Hi I'm Tom first time post browser on site for a few years.
I'll try to be brief a month ago I was diagnosed and admitted for intense chemo for ALL LEUKEMIA. Iv got a note for 6 month out of work and and I am in Hospital being treated. My work are being good about it a said I'll be ok for a few months and the review my situation?? I live with my girlfriend normally when I'm home and my 9 month old daughter. We get our child care sorted from her mum 4 days a week and take her shopping once a month to say thanks £200 for care really.
Mortgage £660
Council tax £120 (trying to get single occopency as I'm in hospital for months on end with this)
TVs broad band and phone cut down to £45
Electric and gas £96
Water £28
Tv licence £12
Garage rental (tools in van) fee for van £50
Insurance £100
Loan for van £3k was £5k £250 a month
Phones between us £80
Car tax for cars £40 monthly
Travel for girlfriends work £100 a month
Baby supplied £100 a month
Baby cloths £50 a month
Food bill £200 a month
My food while inhospital (I can't survive on this food I have to buy food out a cooking it here. I have a massive appetite on these steroids) £200 a month
My credit card at £500 will pay of as quick as possible

Just had a quick calculation of £2290

What am I going to to when I get £88 Pw sick pay?
My girlfriend is getting £1200 a month
Mortgage company said interest only but that stil 425pm


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    I'm sorry to hear your news, best wishes for successful treatment.

    I can't help with your finances myself but have you looked at McMillan's website ? They can help with financial issues, advising on benefits etc that you might be entitled to.

    Did the mortgage company rule out an 'interest holiday' ? It would reduce your outgoings by hundreds a month.

    Someone will be along shortly with more constructive advice than mine.!
    This place is a wealth of info.

    Take care

    EM x
  • Thanks for the reply EM, I will defiantly ask? Can someone move this tread I think it's in totally the wrong section sorry was half asleep when posting.
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    The baby clothes (and possibly supplies) cost are rather high.

    You can get some gorgeous clothing bundles (some designer)for a couple of pounds on Ebay and many of them have a number of items unused. Once they are washed you can't tell these used items from those bought new.
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    Sorry to hear about your illness.
    I would suggest speaking to MacMillan for help with claiming any benefits you may be entitled to. Also suggest that you/your partner check out the 'entitled to' website - you might be entitled to Tax Credits, for instance.

    Do you have critical illness cover on your loan or mortgage? If so, check to see whether your condition is covered.

    Have you spoken to the hospital about food? I can understand wanting your own food but if the issue is that you are hungry it is worth talking to them - they should be able to make adjustments to what they provide, to help with that.

    Do you have friends/family who might be able to bring you home made snacks or meals when they visit to help?

    I agree that the figures for baby clothes etc seem extremely high - I'd suggest that you / your partner or family look at second hand - as babies grow so fast second hand stuff is generally in very good condition - local mums groups, NCT etc may well have sales as well as looking on ebay etc.

    If you post on the debt free board then I am sure people will offer advice on your specific outgoings, too
    All posts are my personal opinion, not formal advice Always get proper, professional advice (particularly about anything legal!)
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    In regards to your mobile phones, when does your contract end? I just dropped mine to SIM only ay £9 a month.

    Electric and Gas - can you shop aound to a different supplier, and see where you can cut use around the home.

    Car tax - can one of the cars be parked off road and SORN, also replace the £40 monthly tax to cheaper tax car.
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    Definitely speak with mortgage about potential critical illness cover.. I'm guessing they would have mentioned this when you phoned to discuss but get it checked.

    Your baby supplies are VERY high..this can definitely be reduced. Speak with a cancer charity as they can get funds very quickly once your circumstances have been assessed. My mam received around £400 last year and she is retired. This was awarded for travel costs etc.

    Really sorry to hear about your diagnosis and wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Mummy to 2 little boys :) born in 2013 & 2015
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  • Hi thanks to everyone for your messages spoken to mortgage company and getting my car and van parked up until I recover to save on tax. I will shop about for baby cloths and with the hospital food I will defiantly get food brought from visitors �� Good thinking there thanks
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