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Hi All,

I recently got a BT youview box, I've set it up for RF loop so I can watch TV with youview off, however this isn't working.

If youview box is on, TV plays fine bough via youview or if i switch to normal TV via TV remote.

IF i then turn youview box off by remote (effectively standby), the TV continues to work via the normal TV channel but then after 10-15 mins it goes off and i get no signal message.

As soon as i turn youview box on, it comes back on...

I have checked the manual and it says to turn on RF loop and to set Eco-mode to low. I DO NOT have a eco-mode option anywhere on on the youview box, I've checked all menus. I also don't have any mobile devices connected to youview.

I've literally plugged the youview box in out of the box, tuned it etc and turned on RF loop - that's it...

Anyone else had this problem?

The youview box did also perform a update during initial setup.

Thanks in advance!



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